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Amanda Paige Thames


A Creative Writing Major, English and Psychology Minor, looking for a position that requires excellent writing & editing abilities, as well as a meticulous attention to detail.


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Minor in English and Psychology 12/11

University of North Carolina at Wilmington GPA - 3.241

Relevant Coursework:

Creative Writing: Intro to Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Intermediate Poetry Writing, Forms of Poetry, Documentary Poetry, The Prose Poem, Advanced Poetry Writing, Senior Seminar in Poetry Writing

English: Intro to Literature, College Writing and Reading I, College Writing and Reading II, Intro to Professional Writing, Reading and Writing Arguments, American and British Poetry since 1945, German Literature in Translation, Writing About Film, Structure of the English Language, Literature for Young Adults, Classics Reconsidered, Women in Literature

Psychology: General Psychology, Lifespan Human Development, Psychological Foundations of Teaching, Psychopathology, Adolescent Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Close Relationships Psychology


Writer Wrightsville Beach Magazine 5/10-9/10

Wrote articles for the magazine for the summer of 2010. Contacted restaurants, businesses, brides, and feature-worthy clients by phone and/or in meetings. Each article was between 100-500 words. Online articles:

July 2010
pgs. 13, 14, 74, 75, 76, and 77
August 2010
pgs. 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 66
September 2010
pgs. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 74
October 2010
pgs. 9, 13, 14, 15, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 72, 75


Peking Wok, restaurant 9/06-2/07

Job Responsibilities:
Cashier, hostess, busing tables, taking drink orders, rolling silverware.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $7.50
Ending Rate of Pay: $8.50
Reason for Leaving: New Job Opportunity

Legacy Golf Links, golf course 2/07-8/07

Job Responsibilities:
Driving golf cart, stocking food and beverages, catering to customer needs, handling money.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $3.25 plus tips
Ending Rate of Pay: $3.25 plus tips
Reason for Leaving: Moving to Wilmington, NC for college

Lancome/Belk, cosmetics/retail 1/08-9/08

Job Responsibilities:
Learning about Lancome products, calling customers about sales events, cashier, teaching customers about products (skin care and makeup), attaching products to the point of sale, prompting customers to apply for Belk credit card.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $8.00 plus commission
Ending Rate of Pay: $8.00 plus commission
Reason for Leaving: Not enough hours given

Best Buy, retail 5/08-10/09

Job Responsibilities:
Cashier, stocking food and beverages, prompting customers to apply for credit cards and/or rewards card, cleaning service area.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $8.00
Ending Rate of Pay: $8.25
Reason for Leaving: Focus on school and course work

Sahara, restaurant 4/11-9/11

Job Responsibilities:
Cashier, waitress, busing tables, sweeping, mopping, cleaning surface areas, stocking paper goods, weighing foods, preparing certain foods, washing dishes, counting money, ending processes on computer at the end of the night.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $7.25
Ending Rate of Pay: $7.25
Reason for Leaving: New Job Opportunity

Chews-4-Health International, corporate representative 9/11-present

Job Responsibilities:
Giving optimal customer service to all people involved with Chews-4-Health multi-level marketing company. Work done via phone, email, and support (help) tickets. Work with accounts on file answering questions and trouble shooting any problems.
Beginning Rate of Pay: $10.00


Richard Leder, Editor of Wrightsville Beach Magazine (910)-538-2939
Lavonne Adams, MFA Coordinator, Dept. of Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington
Lee Tatum, Professor in German and German Literature at UNC Wilmington


September 12, 2011

Richard Leder?Executive Director?Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews 516 North 4th Street?Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

Re: Amanda Thames

To Whom It May Concern,
It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Amanda Thames, a University of North Carolina Wilmington creative writing major I “hired” (for class credit) as a features intern for Wrightsville Beach Magazine during my tenure as features editor of the publication.
Amanda’s responsibilities were to write a wide variety of stories for the magazine, to meet all her production deadlines, to work nine hours per week on magazine assignments, to do all her own research and interviews, and to behave with a professional demeanor as a representative of our award-winning publication at all times.
Organization, clarity of thought, and an open-minded, upbeat attitude are the qualities that result in a successful internship, and Amanda exhibited them all in abundance. Her stories were well constructed, engaging, and easy to read, she met or exceeded all her deadlines, she was always prompt and professional, she collaborated well with her editor (me), and she became an accomplished interviewer. She was motivated, independent, and often took the initiative to achieve more than was assigned. Above and beyond all this, she was a pleasure to work with.
Her university and work-history credentials aside, I would not hesitate to hire her again (in fact, as executive director of BAC, I did hire her to write additional stories for our website), and I whole-heartedly recommend that you admit her into your esteemed MFA program. She will not disappoint you. Indeed, knowing Amanda as I do, I’m certain she will exceed your expectations with her professional approach to the task at hand.
Best regards, Richard Leder
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