Souliman Saliba

Freelance Ad Designer & Book Designer

Location:Follansbee, West Virginia, United States
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Souliman Saliba

Overview of Education and Work Experiences

Education University of Aleppo, Aleppo, Syria
Bachelors of Arts, completed in 2000
• English Literature

Work Experience
Tutor, Aleppo and Al Kamishli, Syria. (1990-1999)
Responsible for teaching upper level math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry), reading (both in Arabic and English), and ESL (English as a second language) for students in 6th-9th grade.

Travel Consultant and Accounts Representative, Izla Travel and Tourism Company, Aleppo, Syria. (1999-2002)
Managed multiple properties and projects, handled customer relations, performed administrative and secretarial support for owner of large multi-service franchise. Orchestrated travel reservations, assisted with general accounting functions, maintained records, and organized accounts receivable and payable. Trained and supervised part-time and full-time staff members. Provided customer service especially telephone support, investigating, and resolving problems.

Tutor, Red Cross, Linkoping, Sweden. (2003-2004)
Taught immigrant adults Swedish language and grammar. Insured student’s mastery of language and it’s proper usage in all necessary applications.

Store Manager, Direkten Alby, Stockholm, Sweden. Raymond’s Tobak och Spel (2004-2009)
Multi-service franchise, promoted quickly from clerk to manager.
Opened and closed store, supervised staff, oversaw all daily operations and financial operations. Ran statistics, organized and bought stocks for legal gaming department of store. Managed inventory, both incoming and outgoing. Trouble shot and resolved all problems, mediated staff disputes, and handled customer complaints. Participated in staff recruitment, hiring, and training. Made sure housekeeping and maintenance was done as needed.

Education Assistant, ATI Career Training Center, Oakland Park, FL. (2010-2011)
Dealt with all records for 1,200 students. Executed data entry for attendance and scheduling of entire student body. Managed and organized student files. Completed mass mailings of student records on monthly basis. Called and advised students regarding attendance issues. Sorted and recorded distribution of textbooks to student body. Worked diligently with staff to accomplish all tasks in a timely fashion. Dealt with students and staff on daily basis regarding attendance records and details. Mastered Citrix computer program, also daily use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programs.

Community Involvement
Lutheran Church, Sweden
Volunteered at church’s second hand store.
Mentoring Teenagers, Sweden
Directly taught and encouraged teens in making positive life choices.
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Ad Design
Book Design