Nicole De Meneses

Freelance Animator & Comic Artist

Location:Dublin, California, United States
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Nicole De Meneses
4337 West Las Positas, Pleasanton, CA, 94588
Phone: (925) 918-0720 E-Mail:

Talented 2D animator with strong abilities in conceptualizing, creative thinking, completing projects, and collaborating on teams. Trained at The Art Institute of California in San Francisco and Full Sail Real World Education, an accelerated media arts and animation program in Winter Park, Florida. Hard worker with enthusiastic, high-energy style. Learns and teaches new cutting edge technologies easily. Works well with people from diverse backgrounds. Takes initiative and does what it takes to get the job

The Art Institute Of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
BS in Media Arts and Animation 2009
-Original story was chosen and made into a short film for advanced Digital Ink and Paint class
Full Sail Real World Education, Winter Park, FL
AA In Media Arts and Animation 2006
-Focus on use of effective ways to use animation, digital art, graphic design and other electronic and traditional art elements in website, film and game creation.

Technical Skills
-Strong 2D Illustration, Flash Animation, Excellent Photoshop and storyboard skills

Professional Experience
Kabam, San Francisco
2D Animator 2010-2011
- Kabam is a high growth gaming company with worldwide appeal that creates massively immersive multiplayer free to play games. Some their successful game titles include: The Godfather: Five Families, Dragons Of Atlantis, Global Warfare and Kingdoms Of Camelot.
- Created multiple effects animation for game and shop items, enhancing game play and boosting monetization.
- Illustrated creative vintage advertisement to direct game player traffic to specialty game items.
- Constructed illustrated teaser trailer for The Godfather: Five Families game with multi panel storyboards animated in Flash.

Star Fire Film, Los Angeles, CA
2D Animator 2010
- Constructed multi panel storyboards from screenplay.
-Animated characters from scripted scenario.
Rap DevPro, San Francisco, CA
Layout Artist for iphone app Monsterary 2010
- Re formatted character illustrations for monster body morphing game that educates the player on various horror archetypes.
Pieutopia Pictures, Walnut Creek, CA
Concept Artist for the movie “The Heart Of Mount Diablo” 2010
-Illustrated multiple characters from screenplay
MGC Digital Designs, Hayward, CA
Design Intern 2009
- Conceptualized and illustrated animated logo., CA
2D Animator 2009
-Conceptualized and illustrated animated flash banners.
Peanut Labs, San Francisco, CA
Consultant 2009
-Illustrated and animated eye catching adds for various facebook companies.
Powell Hydramatic, Hayward, CA
Flash Animator 2009
-Conceptualized and illustrated multi panel storyboards.
-Animated short cartoon for website.
In Between Studios, San Francisco, CA
Storyboard Artist 2009
-Illustrated multi panel storyboards.
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Comic Art