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Ayla Radies

Freelance Digital Artist, Video Editor, & More

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 6043455495
8 Skills
Animation Experience
Team Sharkeye (PS, Unity) 2013- 2D Asset Creator/ Backgrounds
Indie Game, developed in Unity 4. Prototype ready for end of June.
GAIA_TheSeries (AI, PS, AFX) 2012/2013- On Set Graphics, Motion Graphics
Created business cards, posters, t-shirts, and on screen graphics for set dec.
Turkey Day (TB) 2012- Colourist, ToonBoom Painter/ Compositor
Created vector settings for animation sent, then coloured/ composited the footage for final
exports to the client. Also created colour pallet for the short.
Arg Animation (PS, FL, AFX, TB) 2012/2013- 2D Flash Animation, AFX, Colourist
Sell Out (FL, AI, PS) 2012/2013- Preproduction, Backgrounds, Builds
Jack of All Trades (PS) 2012- Background Painter
Queen (AFX) 2012- Opening Title Sequence
Created parallax using AFX’s 3D camera and 2D artwork for the opening title sequence.
Hysteria (AI, PS) 2012- Graphic Designer
Penguins (Are so Sensitive to my Needs) (FL, AFX) 2011/2012- 2D Project Lead, Flash Animator,
Atomic Cartoons (FCP7, FL, PS) 2011- Editor
Lempo (PS) 2012- BG Painter/ Designer
Gone (Traditional, FL) 2011- 2D Project Lead, Colourist, Animator, Compositor
Great Minds Taste Alike (Traditional, TB) 2010- ToonBoom Compositor
Puddles (Traditional, TB) 2010- 2D Inbetweener/ Clean up, Toonboom Painter
Dum Spiro Spero (Traditional, TB) 2010- Director, Animator, Compositor
Cloudy (FL) 2010- Director, Builds, Animator, Compositor
All Fun and Games (Traditional) 2010- Inbetweener, Cleanup

Film Experience
Pupy Luv (Prelude, PR, PS)- Editor
Edited a Romantic Drama shot in Vancouver.
Uncertainties and Epiphanies (FCP7, AFX, PS) - Editor
Edited a 40min Documentary about multiculturalism in Canada.
The Big Show (FCP7, PR, SG)- Editor
22min Interview show airing on Shaw, Chek, and Novus. Edited segments 5 & 6 featuring
Uwe Boll and Steve Bacic
GAIA_TheSeries (FCP7, PR)- Assistant Editor, VFX Breakdown Videos
Sound Syncing and creation of VFX Breakdown videos for online behind the scenes videos.
Sell Out (FCP7, PR)- Editor
Timed out the animatic to the audio, made revisions as client requested.
Aryan Jew (PR)- Editor
Comedy Webseries. 6x5min episodes aired online.
Arg Animation (PR, AFX)- Animatic Editor, Post Production
Various freelance projects. Whiteboard videos, Flash animation, AFX
Atomic Cartoons (FCP7, FL, PS) - Editor
Johnny Test Season 5 Ep 11-26, Spyburbia Pilot, Pirate Express Main Titles,
Twinkle Toes Acts 2 and 3, Astonishing X-Men. My duties included subcuts, scene
replacements, animatic first pass, set ups, and exports for deliverables.
The Next Star May 2013- PA
Production Assistant for the Vancouver auditions of TNS Season 6 by Tricon Film and Television.
Billy Bishop - PA
Jabberwock (AFX)- PA, VFX
Twins - PA
Tea Party - PA
Queen - Set Painter, Set Dec, PA

Screened at the LA Fear and Fantasy Film Festival, May 2013
Nominated for a Leo Award for Best Student Film, May 2013
Pirate Express
Won a Pixie Award for Best Opening Title Sequence, 2011
Penguins (Are so Sensitive to my Needs)
Screened at the Vancouver Wide Angle Media Film Festival, March 2012
Screened at the Edmonton International Film Festival, September 2012
Great Minds Taste Alike
Won the Teletoon at Night Pilot Project, September 2011
Screened at the Ontario International Animation Festival , September 2011
Screened at the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico, 2011

Vancouver Film School 2008-2010
Vancouver, British Columbia
2009-2010 - Classical Animation Diploma
2008-2009 - Foundation Art and Design Diploma