Boris Sarikov

Freelance Drawer & Sculptor

Location:Berthoud, Colorado, United States
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Dear Sir/Madam:
My name is Boris Sarikov. I am a sculptor and interior designer
and currently I am living in Longmont , CO, USA.
I have over 20 years of experience as a freelance
sculptor, blacksmith artist and interior designer. In my work I have used
many different materials such as silver, gold, stone, wood, clay, plaster, etc.
In addition,In Colorado I have worked for a company specializing in architectural custom metal design,specialized in constructing of banisters, gates, fireplace screens and doors, kitchen hoods and etc. I've had a lot of projects in Aspen and other Rocky Mountain resorts.

My experience with working with metal includes the following things:
-TIG, MIG, STICK welding, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, bronze, copper
-embossing, chasing and repose
-patinating; all kinds, on steel, copper, aluminium and brass
-bronze casting; mold making, fabrication of ceramic shelves for casting, and all other
techniques and processes involved with casting a sculpture-I owned a bronze foundry for fine
art in Bulgaria and I have ample experience in fine
art casting.

I can create design sketches on a proffesional level by hand, and am also competent in using the computer program "Rhino".

I have 4 years technical High School and 4 years bachelor
degree in fine arts.
Presently I am looking for a job close to my career and experience.

Please consider my application for any available position where I could apply all my knowledge and skills and be helpful to your company.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience if you need any additional information or if you wish to talk about how I may be of service to
your business. Meanwhile, thank you for your interest and the time you have taken to consider this

Best regards, Boris

A sample of my work can be found at:
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