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Scott Saunders

Freelance Writer & Tax Planner

Location:United States
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Key Strengths – – I have strong business development skills and investment analysis
combined with data research to develop a plan for any industry. I am able to monetize resources, including marketing, media, software and personnel within a company. I am seasoned in sales & marketing, learning daily as our internet marketing industry evolves so quickly. Having an entrepreneurial spirit I am comfortable working long hours to get a project delivered on time. I bring strengths as a team player in leadership, motivation and marketing research. I am agile and I learn quickly while adapting to changing demands in various demographics. I continually research those with more applicable knowledge to realize the most effective and efficient solutions. I realize strengths in others and assist them in developing those strengths, while maximizing personal potential in myself. I learn from past mistakes, and am able to build success around those lessons. I have an uncanny ability to fill positional weaknesses, while encouraging employees and team members to perform at their maximum potential. I work well with others, and put forth whatever effort is required to accomplish the short term and long term company goals, while setting a good example.

Founder/Business Consulting, Bimini Ventures Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas. 1976 - Present
1980-1985: Responsibilities included interacting daily with bankers, brokers and developers to market our ability to fund both difficult and less complicated deals. My position required intimate interaction with underwriters, principals, brokers, accountants and attorneys. I evaluated individual projects requiring capital in the US and Offshore Markets for Resort Hotel, Commercial & Marina Development in south Florida and the Caribbean. I was responsible for our involvement in the solar energy field for residential, commercial and industrial applications. During 1985-1999 I originated and arranged funding for domestic commercial & residential real estate projects, as well as mortgage related financing. We currently offer consulting services for sales & marketing plans, company organization and re-organization, utilization of offshore resources, as well as a wide variety of capital & financing needs, including ABL’s for most industries.

COO/Bus Development;, San Marcos, CA, March – August 2010
eCommerce heavily discounted clothing company. As a consultant my responsibilities included company re-organization, drafting an organizational business plan detailing individual & divisional responsibilities including time stamps, assessment of production results, as well as monetizing the IP Software value which included live social interaction (the first of its kind). I was responsible for drafting a training program and manual for the mediators facilitating the live social division. I coordinated and maintained relationships with vendors. While I learned chapters on discount eCommerce, SEM and SMM I was brought on board after too many bad decisions had been made. I still believe this is the future of commerce and marketing and would jump at the chance to get involved in a stronger company should the opportunity present itself.

Founder/Pres Bus Dev & Marketing, Just Foam LLC, California 2001 to 2007
Surfboard blank manufacturing facility, 20,000 sq ft with 25 employees. My responsibilities included formula development, tooling creation, sales, marketing, hiring staff, designed floor plan for 2 new buildings, distribution network and guided the development of a manufacturing accounting software. Due to my marketing diligence Just Foam was the leading blank supplier in the USA, and 6 other countries, in less than 18 months. I hired a COO and remained President of Business Development. Just Foam was initially set up to enable a men’s transition home to provide job training to men while helping the home to become self sustainable.

COO/Co-Founder, Chase Funding, California 1985 - 2005 - Bank of America
Chase Funding was founded in 1985 to offer super jumbo mortgage products to meet the strong market demand from high net worth individuals active in the US real estate industry. My responsibilities included maintaining a strong marketing and sales presence. Responsible for our strong marketing and sales presence, I guided Chase Funding as a leader in the Orange County & Los Angeles real estate industry for many of those years. I learned all facets of commercial and residential lending in order to improve my sales and marketing strategy to reach a larger demographic. 1991-1994 I Consulted to BofA Mortgage and Private Banking Divisions to meet their objective of gaining traction in the high net worth clientele demographic in California.

Pres Sales & Marketing, Nationwide Power Corp, Fla & CA 1979 - 1985
While providing an equity funding placement for NPC I believed this was the future of utility power providers. I began in sales and moved quickly into marketing and operations. I was responsible for developing a sales & marketing program as a solar utility offering for what began as a 15 employee sales force. Increased sales force personnel to 100+ while increasing sales revenues over 400% in 18 months. Responsible for developing training programs for regional sales mgrs, developing marketing strategy for HOA’s, joint venture programs, implementation and relations with joint venture principals.

Internship, Barclays Bank, Nassau, Bahamas. 1974 – 1976
Having developed an interest in financing, I was invited by a fishing client to consider an
internship in the Investment Banking dept. Here I learned the nuances of personal interaction in a professional environment. I learned basic investment research and performance analyzation of investment projects, performance models-past, present & future, as well as client services, marketing, sales and public relations.

Boat Mgr & Tournament Captain; Tournament Fishing 1972 - 1974
I set up a JV with fishing clientele to purchase a 48’ Sportfisherman, which we fished for 2 years, profitable both years fishing tournaments from St. Thomas to Newfoundland. I was responsible for sales & marketing for each tournament and subsequent region. I was responsible for choosing specific tournaments, while marketing clients for each tournament. I learned sales & marketing budgeting as I reported on financials and tournaments to be fished to partners on quarterly basis.

Interests & Hobbies

Capo Calvary, Capistrano Bch, CA 1989 - 2000
Men’s Ministry at Capo Calvary: coordinated and organized men’s events, scheduling dynamic speakers, locating necessary equipment, arranging menus, prep, service and breakdown. I also handled the prison ministry communications. Benevolence Board of Directors, I determined all applicants’ qualifications for various assistance programs.

Prison Fellowship International, California Region, 1990 – present
2005 Volunteer of the Year. I facilitated prison studies, coordinated PF Programs to the private and public sectors, pre release counseling and post release mentoring. Board of Directors member. I developed programs enabling undercapitalized transition homes dependent on donations to become self sustaining, while offering training and employment to men housed in the homes.

Justice Fellowship, Anaheim, CA 1995 - 2005
We addressed congressional issues relating to crime and various applications of correctional institution punishment and rehabilitation projects offered in the US Federal Prison system.

Men’s Mentoring, San Clemente, CA 1995 - 2007
Helping men to become better employees, employers, husbands, fathers, friends and ultimately become mentors themselves. I taught and learned accountability, responsibility, ethics, morals, character and how to mentor others in work and life.

United Community Outreach, San Juan Capistrano & Lake Elsinore, CA
Men’s transition homes in San Juan Capistrano and Lake Elsinore. I facilitated small groups, personal development, character counseling and training in regards to re-entry into the workforce and society. I worked with pre-graduation and post graduation groups as a mentor.

Staying in shape in body and mind via: surfing, mountain biking, road biking, lap and open water swimming, water skiing, sailing, traveling, playing harmonica in various venues, the internet marketing evolution, macro economics & politics, building entrepreneur businesses, reading, studying, writing, cooking and mentoring men in life application strengths & weaknesses.

Palm Cove High 1974
Atlantic Southeastern University, Jacksonville, FL MBA, 1980
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