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Margie Randle

Freelance Poem Writer & Script Writer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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I write on a everday base I write screenplays and flim scrips and i'm also writing a book i enjoy expressing my self through words, a have just finish writing a screenpaly called Baby Girl what a migthy god we serve , Like a Dove I'll fly Away. and working on a flimscrip call My Soul Cry's out ,alone with a book based on my life called Caught In The Fog .this is a poem that i turned in to a play and lookin to one day turn in to a movie : .
Oh.. Oh it’s my wedding day.
Like a dove I’ll fly away…
My love and I flying places we’ve never been
Wishing this day would never end…
But while in flight we landed upon a snow storm
Looking for my man to keep me warm…
The man that I love got lost in the storm…
Next thing I knew he was shooting it in his arm.
Like a dove I’ll flay away…
Who would have though it would have ended this way.
White horse …White horse…I shouted in anger.
And on his back there road the death angle…
My life spanned around like a spinning top.
Next thing you know my heart stop…
My God …My God…I shouted in prayer.
In your word you said you’ll be there…
Like a Dove I flew off in the clouds…
I heard a voice say out loud …
My child …My child my word still remains.
Come …Come my dear where there’s no more pain...
Like a Dove I ‘ll fly away…
I’ll see you when you come home one day.

writing give you a visual out look on life expression putting them into words looking forward to be able to be a big help to your company you can also go to and check out the plots on my up coming stageplay and filmscripts
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