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Kimberly Shannon

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington, United States
Phone: 4017570728
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I am an observational humorist. My personal writing is not politically correct, censored, polite, or apologetic. I write to entertain, and I'm damned good at it. My published work has earned me a HUGE fan base and social media following, and about fourteen bucks in cash, which is why I write to entertain and move my readers and myself.

Hi, I'm Kim Shannon.

Really? You're still here? Wow. Okay then... um... I suppose I should probably tell you some things about myself that you might NOT be repulsed, shocked, offended, or _____________ (insert your own "tsk, tsk" synonym here) by.

Hmmm... Lemme think. Oh, okay, I've got something. Because, as a potential employer, you'll actually be PAYING me for my extraordinary writing abilities & superior skills in the genre of all things grammatic, I will HAPPILY and EARGERLY write in YOUR voice, about YOUR topic of choice, crafting the piece using YOUR preferred writing style.

If you need a militant Christian newsletter, I'll switch my moral compass to "God Fearing" and produce the most righteous piece of literature a congregation has laid on since the Commandment tablets. Hallelujah!

What I'm saying to you, dearly treasured potential client, is this:

Although my personal work is louder than life and not for everyone, I am, of course, more than willing to hit "mute" on the volume control when I am writing for, with, or in representation of your business, your product, your project, and/or yourself.

I'm glad we got that out of the way. Please bear with me while I brag a smidge...

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in English. That and my notes from my minor studies in Journalism have served wonderfully as kindling during the cold winter months.

Happily, they also have provided me with the knowledge to be able to proudly say the following:

I am an experienced and published writer/editor with a natural (as well as educated) eye for all things grammatically and contextually incorrect. I offer services as a content writer, media journalist, editor, copywriter, ghost writer, proofreader, blogger, and social media manager extraordinaire (which means I write, post, and manage your Twitter Account, Facebook Fan Page, Google Plus Account, and any/all other forms of social networking & marketing.

I create web content, write articles, ebooks, informational wikis, how-to manuals and newsletters. I will write, edit and proofread everything from blog posts to epic novels and will go through YOUR content, whatever it may be, with a fine-tooth comb. You will find that my work ethic is stellar... I guarantee accurate, original work and the fastest turnaround times you'll ever experience!

I currently have several well established blogs, websites, social media vehicles and magazine/online columns of my own, all of which have a large number of loyal readers.

I specialize in:


In these categories:

*Creative Writing
*Writing for Business
*Educational/Academic Writing
*Legal Agreements and Contracts

I specialize in writing, copywriting, editing and proofreading in these categories:

*Creative Writing
- Novels & Novellas
- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs
- Articles, How-To-Guides, User Manuals
- Short Stories
- Blog Posts

*Writing for Business
- Mission Statements
- Product Brochures & Informational Flyers
- Business Plans
- Proposals
- Marketing Literature
- Letters and emails
- Employee Handbooks
- Policies and Procedures

*Academic Writing
- Research and Term Papers
- Thesis Work

I am also skilled and experienced in the following areas:
Social networking, blog design and optimization, image manipulation and editing, transcription (Including medical and legal), marketing, networking and promotion.

Impressive, right? I'm hoping the above diatribe served to win your interest in my services and myself, even if just a spark.
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