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Brandon Gedler

Freelance Photographer & Photo Editor

Location:Downtown Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Phone: 515-299-0457
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Bio: Brandon Gedler is an up and coming photographer with a flair for style and an eye for great photography. Being a local guy, Brandon is keen to some of the most inspiring spots in the Des Moines area. He is able to capture not only his subject but also the emotion and sentiment being conveyed through his lens.

Never able to sit still, Brandon is constantly on the go, a creative dynamo who has a zest for life and new experiences. Whether he is scouting new locations, acting in a local play, or singing center stage, Brandon is always ready for action.

If one were to ask Brandon what was most important in his life, without hesitation, he would say his family. He believes they keep him humble and while he is reaching for the stars they are there to keep him tethered down to earth to enjoy life's ride.

Brandon studied his art at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura California. There he learned not only how to take a great photograph but also how to professionally edit his work, adding subtle changes to really make the image stand out. Brandon is also a licensed Mac makeup artist and can enhance each face’s unique features. Brandon respects each client and genuinely loves what he does. As Brandon always says, “This will never be just another job!”

Currently have a 4 year with University of Phoenix is Computer Science. Have been doing photography as a hobby the last 3 years that is becoming more and more of a full-time job it seems like. Love meeting with new people and artists to help build a wider portfolio and connections.

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