Hilary Perry

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
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I am looking for employment as a freelance proofreader or typesetter in the publishing field working from home. I feel my experience in similar positions together with my ability to work with or without supervision is a great asset in my search for this work.

Initially I completed the Chapterhouse proofreading course, but to update my skills I am now completing the Publishing Training Centre's Basic Proofreading Course. I attended the SfEP's one day course Proofreading for Problems in April 2009.
I attended the SfEP one day Basic Editing course in 2008.
I am an Associate of the SfEP.

Relevant Experience
1998 – 2005. Proofreading advertisements for weekly magazine, working to hourly deadlines. Also some typesetting when staffing levels required; working in house. This included further proofreading training as required. Made redundant as company ceased trading.
2005 – 2008. Typesetting scientific journals; working from home, work delivered and returned by e-mail.
2008 – 2009. Proofreading educational material, primarily GCSE and AS levels, with a strict
10-day turn-round; working from home, work delivered and returned by post. Subjects include English Literature; and I have indicated on their database that my interests include classical literature, including Dickens and Austen, Shakespeare and Mythology; as well as Geography, History and all aspects of IT.
2008 – 2010. Collating information from catalogues, setting templates, and typesetting complete books on a range of art subjects.
2008 - present. Proofreading novels for a mainstream publisher.
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