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27th December 2011

Dear Sir/Madam;


I wish to apply for a suitable position in your organization.

I hold a Diploma in Business Management from Kenya Institute of Management, Higher National Diploma, at Kenya Polytechnic, Nairobi. I am proficient in Microsoft Office, hands on with WINGS, COMPAS, Fourthshift, Perpay, Pastel, Ericsson Buyer, SAP and Site Handler Computer Packages. In my previous experiences as well as field of study, I have developed skills in Database, Admin, Logistics/Procurement related work. I am a team player, good organiser and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Previously I was with the United Nations World Food Programme-Somalia in Programme Unit as a Program Assistant-CP Liaison and in Logistics Section, COMPAS as a Logistics Office Assistant.

Previously I worked with Ericsson Kenya as an Account Assistant, Project Administrator for Orange Telkom Kenya Project; I worked for the University of Nairobi, Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Research, Family Health International Truvada Project as a Data Entry Clerk, Focal Person. I consulted for Christian Children’s Fund – Kenya (CCF) as Human Resources Assistant. I worked for Nodor Kenya EPZ as an Administrative/Logistics Assistant, Governors Camp as a Credit Control Assistant, Cordaid Emergency & Rehabilitation Nyamlell (South Sudan) Programme as an Administration/Procurement Assistant, Kenya Commercial Bank as Credit Analyst, Kentainers Ltd and Unilever Kenya Ltd. I volunteered for Youth Aid – Kenya where I held positions in Admin/Logistics/Procurement work.

I believe that with my experience, my ability to learn fast, flexibility and good communication/facilitation skills, you will benefit from it hence it would be to our mutual benefit.

I would appreciate an opportunity for an interview where I can express myself more.
Attached please find my résumé for your reference.

Yours Faithfully;
Susan Njere


P. O. Box 4059-00506, Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya.

Cell: +254 0722 609 556 Email:;

To secure a suitable position in a reputable organization, giving greater responsibility, more flexibility and challenges that will utilize, develop and gain more experience in skills already acquired.

Diploma in Business Management / Administration, Higher National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, Computer Packages (ICDL) among others.


? 9th November 2010 – 7th October 2011: Worked for United Nations World Food Programme-Somalia in Programme Section as a Program Assistant-CP Liaison.
- Prepare periodic projections of commodity requirements, commitments by project and by country based on incoming data from country and regional offices and input Cooperate Partners liaison data into the WFP Information Systems
- Review and reconcile a variety of financial and operational reports
- Establish and maintain a contact desk for Cooperate Partners liaison
- Develop and update a database on Cooperate Partners liaison and update periodically
- Act as a focal point for communication between the serving unit and Cooperate Partners liaison with Sub Offices and different units of the Country Office
- Data Entry of all the Corporate Partners in the Data Sheets
- Keep accurate and up-to-date records of all Corporate Partners Reports in their respective files, Field Level Agreements (FLA’s)
- Data Entry of all Corporate Partners in COMPAS

? 22nd February – 31st March 2010: Worked for United Nations World Food Programme-Somalia in Logistics Section, COMPAS as a Logistics Office Assistant.
- Commodity tracking through documentation of waybills, land transport instruction, invoices by WINGS, COMPAS package
- Preparation of invoices for finance to pay transporters
- Sorting and arranging all Invoices and Purchase Orders for all Vendors alphabetically, from the oldest to the latest and filing them accordingly.
- Confirm that they are all recorded in the Log book sent to Finance for payments.
- Certify and verify that the Consolidated Delivery Report tallies with the Waybills attached for every invoice.
- If less or more, liaise with COMPAS team to issue a Debit Memo.

? 28th April 2008 – 31st December 2009: Worked for Ericsson Kenya as an Account Assistant, Project Administrator in Orange Telkom Kenya Project.
- Work with the Key Account Manager, Business Unit Managers for Telkom Kenya Limited Project.
- Coordinate meetings and travel arrangements for Telkom Kenya Limited Project.
- Raising and following up of Purchase Requests and Orders, Payments.
- Liaison with Internal and External Customers.
- Creation of Files/Binders for the Project/ Telkom Kenya Limited Project Library.
- Scanning/Photocopying of all Project Documents and Uploading them in the Site Handler, EriDoc and G Drive Sites for the Project Team to access and the Customer.
- Ensure all Documents are safe and in a key and lock cabinets.
- Liaise with Site Acquisition/Civil Works/Radio Transmission Sections (Field Service Operations) on New upcoming Sites, on Air and Existing.

? August 2007 – February 2008: Worked for the University of Nairobi, Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Research, Family Health International, [FHI] Head Office North Carolina USA Truvada Project as a Data Entry Clerk, Focal Person.

- Preparing, compiling reports for FHI – North Carolina.
- Maintaining the Project Database, ensuring security and accessibility of hard and soft copies.
- Checking entering daily Field Data for project Program activities.
- Providing Tabulations and Analyses of Data as required by the Project staff.
- In liaison with FHI Head Office, North Carolina, USA Officers, designing and constructing Questionnaires and Codebooks for any field surveys.
- Assisting Project staff in Data Quality Control in the field during surveys.
- Cleaning, Coding and Entering of studies data.

? January – March 2007: Consulted for Christian Children’s Fund – Kenya (CCF) as a HR Admin/Logistics/Procurement Assistant.

- Created a data entry database for all Christian Children’s Fund – Kenya (CCF) staff.
- Summarised all CCF Suppliers data base, awarded all Pre-qualified Suppliers letters of offer and posted all the unsuccessful Suppliers.
- Coordinated with the relevant Suppliers Requisition, Delivery of Goods and Provision of all Services to CCF.
- Sourced Quotations from Awarded Suppliers, prepared Bid Analysis, and issued Local Purchase Orders.

? August – December 2006: Worked for Nodor Kenya EPZ as an Administrative/Logistics Assistant.

- Manufacturing and Importing and Exporting of Dart Boards and Dart Sets to United Kingdom.
- Liaising with Clearing and Forwarding Companies to clear Nodor goods.

? January - July 2006: Worked for Governors’ Camp as Credit Control Assistant.

- Raising of Pro-forma Invoices, Invoices and Statements using Pastel Accounting Package to clients and debtors on timely basis.
- Retrieval of documents requiring reconciliation of accounts, i.e. invoices and booking vouchers, filing of all occupancies.
- Following up with debt collection from clients.

? July - November 2005: Worked for Cordaid, Emergency & Rehabilitation Nyamlell (South Sudan) – Administration/Procurement Assistant.


- Receive and coordinate all requests for operational support in Nyamlell, as per agreed upon procedures.
- In coordination Cordaid Regional Office, established guidelines, develop, implement and maintain the logistical set-up for Nyamlell on various issues.
- Keep, safeguard and update all documents related to operations in Nyamlell, when and as appropriate.
- Verify and certify invoices related to procurement for Nyamlell, and obtain confirmation that the equipment, supplies and/or services they refer to have been duly received or provided.
- Coordinate with the relevant authorities i.e. SPLM to ensure smooth embarkation on provision of visa and entry permits and their extension for Nyamlell Sudan staff traveling to/from Kenya and South Sudan.
- Coordinate and arrange travel and accommodation booking for Cordaid Sudan staff traveling to/from Kenya and South Sudan.
- Obtain security clearance for Kenya and Sudan for Cordaid Sudan staff traveling through Kenya and staff traveling to Sudan.
- As directed and in coordination with Cordaid Regional Office, attend program and partner meetings related to South Sudan in Nairobi.
- Coordinate and follow up all administrative and operational requests made Cordaid Nyamlell.
- Prepare and submit accomplishment and status reports as required.

? May 2004 – February 2005: Worked for Kenya Commercial Bank as Credit Analyst in Muranga Branch, Database Clerk in Human Resources Administration, Welfare & Pension.

- Credit Analysis in Advances Department. Appraising and issuing of Personal Loans for both customers and non-customers with KCB.
- Recovering of loan repayments from their employers through liaising with Retail Credit Unit in Head Office.
- Analyzing of overdraft refer list of the customers, extracting cheques, credit cards and other debits, unpaying if insufficient funds in their accounts.
- Database capturing of all KCB Staff Medical Provider, Leave and Pension using Perpay Package.

? March 2003 – March 2004: Volunteered for YOUTH AID - KENYA (YAK) as Programme Support Assistant, counseling of the youth against HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Provision of administrative support for general office management, logistics, procurement and correspondence/public relations.

Specific duties include: -
- Overseeing general office maintenance
- Ensuring proper project files and records, records management and documentation systems are in place
- Overseeing office logistics and communication
- Liaison with project staff and coordinator on purchase of supplies for the project to ensure most cost effective purchasing and delivery of supplies and services
- Management and control of project utilities.

? August 2002 – February 2003: Worked for Kentainers Limited as an Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director.

Duties & Responsibilities

- Organization and administration of the company programmes which included production & distribution of Kentainers products.
- Co-ordination, management, indexing and maintenance of company data/documents and records
- Determination of re-order levels and ensuring timely replenishment of stationary, office equipment and other supplies.
- Co-ordinate all communication to the Managing Director and General Manager.
- Register and disseminate written communication.
- Offer support in the Logistics of workshops and organising travel arrangements.
- Provide cordial first level contact with partner and other external and internal parties dealing with the company.

? September 1990 – January 2002: Worked for Unilever Kenya in Technical Departments. These departments were;

{i} Soapery,
{ii} Lever Development; Detergents and
{iii} Edible Foods

RESPONSIBILITIES: Process Control Data entry, Reporting and Monitoring

Objective: Ensuring availability of analysis and production reports for timely process control and monitoring of overall plant / factory performance.

- Prepare soapery daily production performance records based on the laboratory reports.
- Input the Quality Demerits Indices (a method for physical assessment/evaluation of the final product based on an agreed consumer quality attributes) and develop weekly and monthly PowerPoint presentation for the section meetings.
- Formulations / batch sheets for reporting and monitoring on the production.
- Coordinated and develop reports on Quality Control Analysis, Quality Demerit Index Analysis, Product Appraisals/Evaluation
- Panel, Market Research for our Soaps Vs. our Competitors, Factory Production trials, Soaps
- Entering the Process control and performance measurement targets and results into the database.
- Implementation on statistical process control within the plant

? Basic and Advanced Security in the Field at United Nations World Food Programme-Somalia
? UN Prevention of Harassment, ****** Harassment and Abuse of Authority in the Workplace at United Nations World Food Programme-Somalia
? WINGS, COMPAS and DISCOVERER workshop training at United Nations World Food Programme -SOMALIA
? SAP/MUS Training in Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Prop – C for Project Managers from 7 – 9th July 2009 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? EriDoc at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Site Handler at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Project Sales Toolbox Workshop at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Core 3 Training from 27 – 28th August 2009 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Emergency Aid Course (First Aid) July 2009 at Ericsson trained by St. John Ambulance Kenya
? Diploma in Diversity I – Check at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? The Service Delivery Maturity Model 2.0 in May 2009 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Basic Documentation Management in May 2009 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? CPM @ MUSA One (QtC/SAP) from 18 – 22nd May 2009 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Kenya HIV/AIDS Awareness Workshops 2008 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Diploma in General Security Training Sally II at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Diploma in Anti-corruption in May 2008 at Ericsson Kenya Limited
? Participated in the International Standard Chartered Marathon 21KM-half marathon-2011
? Participated in the International Standard Chartered Marathon 21KM-half marathon- 2010
? Participated in the International Standard Chartered Marathon 21KM-half marathon- 2009
? Participated in the International Standard Chartered Marathon 21KM-half marathon- 2008
? Participated in the International Standard Chartered Marathon 21KM -half marathon-2007
? Family Health International Research Ethics Training Curriculum in July 2007
? Truvada Socio-Behavioral and Community Preparedness Research Study Workshop from 16th – 29th August 2007 facilitated by Family Health International North Carolina USA.
? Attended Afro-Arab Youth Festival in Khartoum, Sudan from 2nd – 9th March 2004.
? Certificate in Telemarketing from Marketing Strategies & Solutions.
? Participated in Employment Separation Counselling Seminar facilitated by Institute of Personnel Management, Kenya.
? Attained Microsoft Windows, Accounting Package Perpay, Pastel, Site Handler Computer Practice Windows 95/97, Microsoft Office.
? Attained training in TPM (Total Productive Manufacturing) Practical and Gear, First Aid, Team Building, Leadership, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, Fire fighting and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series).
? Attained training in Computer Programming and Software Packages (CPSP) in Graffins College. Introduction to Computers, MS-DOS, Programming in IBM, dbase III+, Lotus 123, WordPerfect, Hardware maintenance.

DATE: 2002 – 2004

SCHOOL: Kenya Institute of Management

QUALIFICATIONS: Diploma in Business Management

DATE: 1996 – 1999
Higher National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, Applied Science

SCHOOL: Kenya Polytechnic, Nairobi

QUALIFICATIONS: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Laboratory Practice

DATE: 1986 – 1989. Attained KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) at Kasikeu Secondary School in Machakos [Sultan Hamud].


DATE: 1978 – 1985. Attained KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education).

SCHOOL: Kongoni Primary School in Nairobi.
Singing, Swimming, Reading Novels / Business Journals, Socialising, Dancing, Travelling, Playing Piano.

Mr. Tariq Awan, Mr. Philbert Imboba,
Programme Officer, National Logistics Officer,
UN World Food Programme-Somalia, UN World Food Programme-Somalia,
P O Box 64902-00620, P O Box 64902-00620,
Nairobi. Nairobi.
Tel: 020-720 2000 Tel: 020-720 2000
Email : Email :

Mrs. Anne Gikuni, Mr. Kenneth Odire,
Truvada [FHI] Overall Project Coordinator, Quality Assurance & Env. Manager,
University of Nairobi, CHIVPR, Unilever Kenya Ltd,
P. O. Box 19676-00202, P.O. Box 30062-0100,
Nairobi. Nairobi.
Tel : 0734-718209 Tel: 020-692 2000
Email: Email :
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