Janis Holmberg

Freelance Editor & Translator

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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• M.A. Linguistics, California State University, Fullerton, 2008
• B.A., English, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, 1968
• State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, Certificate of Authorization for Service, 2005–2008
• State of California Standard Teaching Credential with a Specialization in Secondary Teaching (grades 7-12), 1970
• State of Oregon Teaching License, 1977–1994


Technical Editor, Tetra Tech EC, Inc. 8/06 – 11/07. In accordance with company and client format and style, reviewed pre-draft, draft, draft final, and final status surveys, work plans, contractor quality control plans, sampling and analysis plans, site health and safety plans for remediation, mitigation, monitoring, demolition, investigation, radiological removal, and environmental cleanup of U.S. Navy bases.

Writer, Editor, Online editorial service, www.persuasivepen.com, 12/98 – present. Provide writing, editing, and proofreading for academic journals and trade publications, online and traditional businesses, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; four-year, MBA, and PhD applicants. Clients include:

VA Medical Center, Miami, FL: 2006–2007. Through Federal Supply Contract GS-10F-0360L with the United States government General Services Administration, transcribed tapes of confidential investigations conducted by the administrative board.

Managed Healthcare Unlimited, Long Beach, CA: 2005–2008. Edited surveys of seven major healthcare plans in California, edited and contributed to report of issues and recommendations in assessing compliance with mental health parity law passed in 1999. www.mhuinc.com.

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA: 2006–2007. Edit content of academic manuscripts by native and non-native English speakers for clarity and concise presentation, apply Chicago Manual of Style and house style for correct English usage, mechanics, author-date notes and references, and use style tags to format articles for biannual publication in Chicana/Latina Studies: The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social, www.malcs.chicanas.com.

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA: 2005–2006. For the Globalization Center and Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project, African Studies Center, edited content of academic manuscripts by native and non-native English speakers for clarity and concise presentation, applied Chicago Manual of Style and house style for correct English usage, mechanics, conventional end notes.

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI: 2005. For the Julian Samora Research Institute edited content of academic manuscripts by native and non-native English speakers for clarity and concise presentation, applied Chicago Manual of Style and house style for correct English usage, mechanics, conventional end notes.

Interface Tech News, Portland, ME: 2001–2003. Wrote monthly “Industry Watch” column by interviewing B2B businesses on topics such as new telecom technologies, as assigned by editor.

Trucking Times & Sport Utility Magazine, Loveland, CO: 1999–2009. For ten years edited and proofed all articles for correct grammar and industry terminology, and consistent usage, parallel structure, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in accordance with AP Style Guide.

Writer, Editor, Disability Access Consultants, San Diego, CA, 11/97–8/98. Using Access database, ADAAG guidelines, company glossary, and field inspector’s maps and photographs, wrote and edited reports for U.S. school districts not in compliance with Title II of the ADA.


Wendy Belcher, professor of African literature Dave Herrmeyer
Princeton University Founding Publisher/Editor
Department of Comparative Literature Trucking Times Magazine
Center for African American Studies Loveland, CO
609-258-1683 319-230-2050
info@wendybelcher.com daveh@truckingtimes.com
www.wendybelcher.com www.truckingtimes.com

Dr. Juan Clark Rose Leidl, RN
Professor, Miami-Dade Community College Managed Healthcare Unlimited, Inc.
9845 S.W. 87th St. 110 Pine Ave. Suite 260
Miami, FL 33173 Long Beach, CA 90802
305-279-3040 roseleidl@mhuinc.com
jclark2949@aol.com 562-436-3451

Some Client Comments
(see http://www.persuasivepen.com/clients.htm for partial client list)

June 2009

Your proof-reading skill is excellent. My friend (a journalist) has looked at your corrections and you haven't missed out on a single mistake. Very few copyeditors have this level of skill and attention to details.

Lei Wang

May 2009

I would like to thank Janis Holmberg for her editing of this third edition. She unselfishly gave of her time and talents to make this copy readable. You can find her on her website, www.persuasivepen.com if you ever find yourself in need of a great editor.

Father Paul Edwards
The Spiritual Intelligence Handbook
July 2005
I have never been more satisfied with editing than I am with your refined descriptions of ancient Korean culture and archaeology for the display panels at the National Museum of Korea. I knew you were a real professional from seeing the examples on your Web site. But wow... your work is really wonderful!
Joon-Young Park, translator
May 2002
Great article in the latest issue of Interface Tech News, www.interfacenow.com on “Positioning for Mergers & Acquisitions.” I don't know your background, but I am always impressed when a reporter masters a technical subject well enough to “get it right.” It appears to me that you did. I am an M&A advisor/business broker in Portland, Maine, with 22 years experience, so I guess I would know.
Glen Cooper, CBA, BVAL
Certified Business Appraiser
Business Valuator Accredited for Litigation
President, Maine Business Brokers' Network
Web site: www.bizbuysell.com


In March 2001, Wendy Belcher, cochair of UCLA Campus Editors and Writers, recommended me as a copyeditor after passing what she named “an extremely grueling copyediting test—a real-life, twenty-five page academic essay in the humanities. Very few people who took the test passed. Those who took it were scored in three areas: technical editing (correcting grammar and spelling errors); style editing (putting manuscripts into the Chicago Manual of Style); and substantive editing (improving clarity, diction, and logic). Janis Holmberg has a good grasp of the Chicago Manual of Style and is a good technical editor. Her real strength is substantive editing, where she does an excellent job of improving diction, clarity, and logic.” Wendy Belcher info@wendybelcher.com ________________________________________
December 2002
Dreams do come true. I have been accepted at Harvard and I am sooo... excited about it. I really appreciate your help with the essays and in answering my questions related to application process. Harvard was my first application and I was so confused while writing the essays and trying to publish my autobiography in 300-word nuggets. It was really amazing to see you effortlessly refining my thought process and later editing my essays and work experience details such that the final package did reflect all my strengths and achievements and established the fact that my move to Harvard is the only logical next step. Although I completely believe in my own capabilities, I could not have convinced Harvard Adcom about them without your help...that I am sure of. Successful Harvard MBA applicant

November 2001
I want to thank you warmly for your excellent and insightful comments. This was my first time working with an editor and now I understand why published work looks so good! It may have taken a few gos for me to get it right, but it was certainly a worthwhile learning process and I will keep your perspective in mind when writing future material. It was a pleasure working with you
Sophia Isako Wong
(then) Ph.D. candidate, Department of Philosophy, Columbia University
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