Cory Naragon

Freelance Graphic Designer & Branding Freelancer

Location:Mishawaka, Indiana, United States
Phone: 574-904-1575
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To whom it may concern:

Being a college graduate I am now in the process of beginning a lifetime career in the Graphic Design field. I am interested in becoming a vital member for your team and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss what you are looking for in an individual and what I can offer.

I realize the great magnitude of college students that graduate every year looking for a career opportunity in their area of study. Graphic designers have become a large portion of each yearly graduating class making it a very competitive field to dive into. Knowing this, here are just a few of numerous top qualities I have to offer:
Knowing the sacrifice involved with a team
Personal pride in my work and character
The ability to lead as well as being an effective worker under authority

The bottom line is I am searching for a productive and organized team to be a part of. I am looking for a place where individuals come together, set aside personal motives, and reach new heights. After doing some research, your particular company has all of those qualities. It is truly a gift to work in an environment where growth and challenge collide.

I would gladly spend some time discussing a design position you have to offer and am open to scheduling a personal interview. I can be contacted through the above telephone number and provided email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Cory Naragon
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Graphic Design