Mark Earl

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Drawer

Location:Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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I love drawing (from life). It's only when actually engaged in drawing that you really see properly. It's only during the act that you can begin to know the true visual splendour of the world. Most of the time our eyes skate over things, just registering enough to navigate by. Although at the time what goes down on the page always falls short of the scene that is demanding to be recorded, later, when you look at what you've done, there will be elements that seem to be of unkown skill and perfection.

Although drawings are an esential springboard to painting, they should not comandeer what ends up on canvas. Memory of the event must be allowed to colour the result, and also the medium itself must be allowed it's say. Mistakes, dribbles etc. can always be incorporated and edited so that they become fortuitous and allow you to surpass your expectations. The final result may be radically or entirelly different from one's initial plans. The element of surprise is what keeps painting fresh and thrilling. Often the logic of the work is not apparent untill some time after it's completion. It's sometimes a source of wonder how strong the premonitory or predictive element can be. I wonder if other people have noticed this.

I have had solo exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and group exhibitions in Oxford, Kawasaki and many places inbetween. For full exhibition list see my website:
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