Sadhana Govender

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Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Phone: +27828502585
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Personal details

Name : Sadhana

Surname : Govender

Date of Birth : 01/10/1980

I.D. Number : 801001 0176 080

Postal address : 16 Tucker Road
Mountain Rise

Home language : English

Other language : Afrikaans, Zulu

Marital status : Married

Dependants : Two

Health : Excellent

Drivers License : Code 08 Learners

Contact number : 082 850 2585/ 078 665 4802

Education history

Last school attended : Heather Secondary School

Highest standard : Matric (With exemption)

Subjects : English

Tertiary education : Suncrest computer classes
MS Word, MS Excel, Windows ‘98

Currently enrolled to study through BMT College for Project Management

Employment history

1. Trinity Sands and Plant Hire:

1. General administration
2. Filing
3. Banking
4. Taking of orders for on site delivery
5. Day to day running of the business.

Position : Receptionist, general administrative assistant

Duration : 1999 – 2003

Reason for leaving : Company liquidated

2. 3C Holdings T/A Legacy Holdings:

1. Coach and motivate sales agents to reach performance targets.
2. Provide counseling and mentoring to Sales agents.
3. Monitor and enforce adherence and attendance guidelines.
4. Maintain detailed employee files.
5. Coach Sales agents on career opportunities.
6. Monitor and evaluate Sales agent calls on a daily basis.
7. Enforce disciplinary processes such as performance improvement plans or terminations.
8. Participate in the interview process of potential new hires.
9. Communicate organizational changes, policies, etc.
10. Write and conduct monthly and annual reviews.
11. Facilitate team meetings.
12. Develop and implement team recognition plans.
13. Act as first point of contact for employee issues and be a conduit for expressing employee issues.
14. Facilitate/manage projects as necessary.
15. Handle customer escalations from agents and coach agents on effective resolutions.
16. Take over calls as necessary to the degree capable.
17. Other tasks as assigned by my Line Manager.

Position : Team Leader (Supervisor)

Duration : July 2005 – August 2007

Reason for leaving : Better prospects

3. DNA Telesales:

1. Listening to a pre-determined number / percent of calls and evaluating agent / call center performance, compliance and adherence based on the company requirements.
2. Score call center agents objectively and provide necessary reporting, coaching, behavior modification suggestions, training and recommendations.
3. Monitor quality and effectiveness of the call center by monitoring, evaluating, and reporting call performance.
4. Ensure outbound sales verification by supervisor.
5. Ensure client needs are met and if they are satisfied with the information given to them by the sales agent (listen for three yes’s from the client)
6. Able to monitor and protect the needs of the business compliance regulations.
7. Call evaluations with sales agents.
8. Sending out pending reports and reasons thereof.
9. Sending out daily reports to sales Team Leaders.

Position : Quality Assurance Analyst

Duration : October 2007 – September 2008

Reason for leaving : Better offer at WDS Global ZA Durban

4. WDS Global ZA Durban:

1. Dealing with technical handset related queries, proactive bug detecting and logging bugs on Vodafone’s bug tracking system.
2. Testing of all supported handsets and determining synchronization solutions.
3. Troubleshooting OTA, WAP, GPRS, MMS, POP3 Settings and SMS difficulties.
4. Troubleshooting Windows Mobile, Blackberry & I-Phone’s SyncML compatibilities.
5. Liaise with all international operators & service providers.
6. Editing scripts on ZYB (Vodafone Plus) website.
7. Email support, General Customer Service, Data Capturing, General Admin.
8. Provide assistance to fellow colleagues in the SA and UK office which contributes to team work.
9. Focus directed to excellent customer service and minimal response times to queries.

Added duties and responsibilities:
1. Second in charge to Supervisor when on leave or away from the office.
• Monitor Talisma to ensure emails are done timeously and efficiently.
• Monitor adherence and attendance guidelines.
• Provide assistance to fellow colleagues and to those in the UK office. (ZYB related queries)
• Voice any concerns to the Work force Management Analyst or Management.
• Report back to my Supervisor with daily on goings upon his return.
• Gathering of leave forms from respective agents.

2. Project Lead for the Companies Team Leader / Supervisor Standard Operating Procedures.

• Request and setup meetings with the Project team.
• Co-ordinate efforts for completing activities in plan.
• Update plan regularly.
• Provide regular status reports for all activities related to the project.
• Identify and resolve issues.
• Update Operations Manager on a weekly basis regarding project progression and performance.
• Serve as the single point of contact for the Team to the Operations Manager.
• Identify relevant Team capabilities in reference to the project.

3. Asset Administrator.

• Compile and maintain records of quantity, type and value of assets.
• Inventory all assets on a fixed schedule
• Compare inventory to requirements/records to report on assets needed.
• Compile information/records on receipt or disbursement of assets.
• Obtain quotes on assets/expenditure procurement.
• Gather and collate information from receipts, invoices, etc; produces reports based on this information.
• Scanning, Copying and amending of documents.

4. Technical Writer.
To produce/edit text and image rich technical guides that document various services and functions of mobile devices and other technical devices.

• Produce/edit a high quality of technical guides on various mobile and technical devices.
• Technical guides that provide insight into mobile functionality as well as solutions to reported bugs defects.
• Testing various wireless offerings of mobiles and technical devices and provide best route technical guides based on findings
• Produce well structured and simply expressed technical guides.
• Produce, format and place various captured images into technical guides
• Support the team in achieving project deliverables.
• Actively contributed in any content roles and projects participated in.
• I aided in the Quality Control for the final guides created by Technical Writers.

Position : Technical Writer

Duration : 03 November 2008 – 3 July 2010

Reason for leaving : Better Prospects at Vodacom

5. Vodacom :

1. Pursued an administrative and supervisory role within the customer services department for Radio Planning and Optimization.
2. Monitored and forwarded all faults logged to the region by the CEO’s office, MD’s office and other ad hoc sources to the relevant departments.
3. Provided feedback on the progress, implementation and resolution of complaints.
4. Quick and efficient removal of backlog of complaints in both SRM and HPSD by following up with customers and engaging with Customer Care.
5. Controlled and directed activities of the RNS resources within the region.

Position : Technical Customer Care Administrator

Duration : 02 August 2010 - Present


Name : Mr. Hillary Keeton
Contact number : 082 448 1038
Position : HR Manager (3C Holdings)

Name : Mr. Pierre Dzuimo
Contact number : 082 751 9106
Position : Team Leader (WDS Global ZA Durban)

Name : Neil Munsamy
Contact number : 011 798 7032 / 084 777 1799
Position : Manager (WDS Global ZA Durban)
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