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Location:Bellbrook, Ohio, United States
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Founder/Owner Edit
Business Backwards LLC

November 2011 – Present (3 months)

This new LLC organizes two of my current professional interests. The first interest being providing IT/Remote Networking services, predominately, but not exclusively, to the telemedicine industry (PACS/DICOM admin and deployment for teleradiology). The other pursuit that is sort of crammed under this umbrella is our Internet retail sales and marketing business, which focuses on bringing exclusive tech products to under reached markets. The push in 2012 will be towards regionally facing global webstores that combines with international warehousing and fulfillment, allowing for low-cost regional shipping to foreign markets.

I continue to make myself available for freelance/one-off projects, although this has become a minority of my work due to my availability with larger ongoing clients.

Consultant at The Rogosin Institute
Scientist at The Rogosin Institute


Master's of Arts - Molecular Biology
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Master's of Philosophy - Molecular Biology, Columbia University

Bryan Conn's Specialties Summary (Biotech)

Gene and protein expression (RT-PCR, Northern, and gene chip array analysis, quantitative Westerns, ELISA, dot blots, etc.), antibody generation/characterization, immunoprecipitation.
Cell culture: epithelial, carcinoma, neuronal, ES cells, 3D/encapsulation, transfection, stable cell line generation, RNAi, lentivirus design/production/infection.
Cellular biology: live cell imaging, transport, axon/dendrite outgrowth/branching, FACS analysis and cell sorting
Microscopy: IHC, IF

Bryan Conn's Experience (Detailed)

Consultant - The Rogosin Institute

November 2009 – December 2011 (2 years 2 months)

After years as a Staff Scientist and Study Director, I was retained as a Research Consultant. I was available to provide any needed support for Rogosin's cancer macrobead cancer therapy that I was involved in as the pre-clinical Study Director.

Scientist - The Rogosin Institute

November 1997 – October 2009 (12 years)

-Support successful transition of pre-clinical oncology treatment into clinical trials
-Molecular biology of cancer and cancer stem cell project
-Study Director, FDA regulated pre-clinical studies of novel cancer therapy and successful Investigational New Drug (IND) application for Phase-I human clinical trials

Bryan Conn's Publications

Three-Dimensional Culture of Mouse Renal Carcinoma Cells in Agarose Macrobeads Selects for a Subpopulation of Cells with Cancer Stem Cell or Cancer Progenitor Properties
Cancer Research
January 24, 2011
Authors: Bryan Conn

Smith B, et al. I appear as third author.
Interaction of two hereditary spastic paraplegia gene products, spastin and atlastin, suggests a common pathway for axonal maintenance
June 30, 2006
Authors: Bryan Conn

Evans K, et al., I appear as 5th author
Hydrophilic Agarose Macrobead Cultures Select for Outgrowth of Carcinoma Cell Populations That Can Restrict Tumor Growth
Cancer Research
January 24, 2011
Authors: Bryan Conn

Smith BH, et. al., I appear as third author.

Bryan Conn's Patents

Entrapped Stem Cells and Uses Thereof
United States Patent Application 20080020463
Filed August 10, 2007
Inventors: Bryan Conn, Smith B, Rubin A, Stenzel K

Bryan Conn's Education
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Doctoral Candidate, Integrated Program

2006 – 2009

Columbia University
M.Phil., Molecular Biology

2005 – 2006

The Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Columbia University
M.A., Molecular Biology

2003 – 2005

The Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Wright State University
B.S., Biological Sciences

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