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James Reynolds

Freelance Writer & Proofreader

Location:Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
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I am a truck driver by trade but don't let that fool you, I have an excellent grasp of the English language, in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar. In my spare time I like to write short stories. In terms of my proofreading abilities, I am able to find errors others may miss in their writing, and misuse of punctuation, especially the apostrophe, is a strong personal irritation!

I will examine your text with precision and I am able to meet reasonable deadlines. I often find myself noticing errors in books, newspaper articles and magazines, and as I hope I have shown here, I am well articulated.

I have a passion for writing, either in fact or fiction, with or without a word count requirement, and I would be prepared to write articles on a given subject if required. From personal experience, I would be able to write with knowledge on certain aspects of aviation and history, particularly World War II era, as well as cars and simple mechanics, and some areas of computing. With the right information and research time, I would be prepared and able to turn my hand to any subject required of me.

Many thanks for reading my profile, and I look forward to hearing from you,

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