Ray Maier

Freelance Illustrator & Political Cartoonist

Location:Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guywpencil/
2 Skills
I am a former printer having developed a style of figure drawing for editorial or advertising that emphasizes shading both in its darkened and subtle forms.If you want a visually rich form on your page, I may be the drawer for you. I believe that art historian who said artists should be in the business of 'pose' invention. I will go through that score of sketches till you get the one that's right. Then it will be transformed into a shimmering array of lights and darks rendered in sharp wax pencil. Give me a holler and I'll show you what I mean.

If needed your work will be expertly colored or vectorized in the computer. If too 'rendered' for your taste, cleaned up as well.If required as line art it is traced with a bush on vellum or auto traced digitally.

As for Skill Rating, I know I'm 'Proficient' even 'Advanced' and like to think at what I do, I reliably do 'Expert'. In one form or other I've done every thing in the directories well enough to list. My customers seem to like my product, but for all of us these ratings are subjective. Subjective to you, subjective to me, subjective to graphic trends and mostly to the needs of the project. This is a cut and dry commercial venture with no 'surprises'.

My aim, however, is to surpass expectations to your satisfaction in a way that fulfills the job and creates a sound but uplifting working relationship for the future or for this one transaction.