Jason Aunkst

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Barksdale Afb, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
Design Director, Twin Engine Labs, LLC 2011
Manage an amazing team of designers. We do design work for contract.

CTO, Dreamforge Entertainment, LLC 2010-2011
Complete Overhaul of company Website from JOOMLA to hand rolled RoR + Javascript. Including native web- site facebook application integration. Complete OpenGraph API with Facebook Connect, Geo-Location track- ing & Smart Link Tracking. (unavailable to public awaiting simultaneous release of parallel projects).
Worked with an additional programmer to produce a Java server to manage multiplayer games.
Offers Game specific multiplayer data, scoreboards, lobbies, and plans for complete avatar, monitization and store front solutions for multiple platforms.
Programming of Android data-driven applications, and porting to iOS.

Developer/Engineering Director, Dreamforge Entertainment, LLC 2009-2010
Developed the companies first iteration of Facebook & Web Applications/Games using Ruby on Rails, and eventually RoR, Flash/FLEX, & Javascript Bridging. This included Server-side Development for our multiplayer games. Also managed a small staff of developers & artist for the Web Development Team.

Technical/Art Director, Dreamforge Entetainment, LLC 2008-2009
Developed the production pipeline for an MMORPG.
Worked with developer staff on integrating artist tools into a proprietary MMORPG Engine. Also managed an art staff of 20+. While being a major member of the Dreamforge Entertainment, LLC Staff.

Technical Assistant, Lucasfilm, LLC 2007-2007
Developed pipeline tools to hasten the preproduction pipeline, and additional help with asset production for Clone Wars, TV episodes.

Teachers Assistant, Collins College, AZ 1989-1990
Helped students with finals, projects, and training with lab equipment. Also helped prepare course study mate- rials and additional support with course software.

Ruby Multi User Dungeon Socket Server - Multi-Threaded.
Ruby Alias|Wavefront OBJ Format to JSON Serializer - For Simple Ruby OpenGL Loading. Pseudo Random Infinite Terrain Generation.
Ruby Simple 3D Engine using SDL, OpenGL.

Collins College, Tempe, AZ
Computer Animation - a focus on CG Development.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Javascript, MXML, ActionScript, Python, Objective C, C#, Java.

OS X, *NIX, Android, iOS, Adobe Flex, Web.
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3D Animation
3D Graphic Design