Darren Legore

Freelance Multimedia Freelancer & Flash Designer

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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I am a highly motivated, proactive professional. I can perform under pressure and I bring a professional approach to all areas of my work, consistently delivering results. I have completed a 4 year course in multimedia design and gain a BA Degree.

I enjoy problems solving web and Digital imaging, My love for Photography keep me up to date with latest photoshop technics.  I would relish the opportunity to work in an environment where I can apply problem solving, and photo skills, and provide a service.  I have skills in flash actionscript 1, 2 & 3.   In university I coded 2d games with Flash which allowed me to grasp actionscript 2.0. My web developing skills are in Html, CSS I use Dreamweaver  and Photoshop or (open source software) web editing with knowledge of xml and PHP.

I am a calm person by nature and I remain composed and professional when working under pressure. I can deal with situations calmly, I am flexible in my work as I am aware that in my work environment I may be required to do many tasks. I work in the Retail industry as a online driver and in store worker, in this environment I have to be calm and approachable. I have a can do attitude, which I believe is essential when working to provide a service.Working at Sainsbury I believe customer care is important and I am well known for my polite attitude.
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Flash Design