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Anthony Cocorinos

Freelance Music Producer & Movie Producer

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Dear Sir / Dear Madam:

As a multinational and multi-faceted music industry professional and recent Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology graduate, I am now looking to align my skills with a Music & Film Industry firm such as yours in a role within the Music Production and/or Sound/Mix Engineering areas. With a mix of audio and video production background combined with a stellar academic record and practical experience, I believe my background and experience will allow me to support your company’s growth and success.

My areas of professional expertise include:

Music Technology, Production & Composition

Sound & Mix Engineering (Microphone, Signal Routings, Hardware Equipment)

Video & Audio Production (Editing, Processing, Sequencing and Arranging)

Project Leadership & Management

Performer/Artist Management (excluding P.R. & contracts)

Studio & Live Event Production

With experience in both in-line type consoles/mixers, patch-bays and outboard gear and managing both studio and live event production, as well as practice managing linear and non-linear digital recordings on multiple formats, I am convinced that I can support the success of diverse music projects across many arenas.