David Campuzano

Freelance Comedy Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Rockville, Maryland, United States
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I am not going to paste a resume, because I am a full-time software sales rep and have been a sales rep for several years now and that is irrelevant to my "description," because it's boring and sucks. I am branching out for the first time on this site as a first step in pursuing what I've been told by many and believe myself to be a much more fulfilling and suiting career path...the art of comedy writing. I have held several jobs since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from the University of Maryland, but what I believe to be the most satisfying and memorable aspect of each is the ability to bring enjoyment and comic-relief to what is otherwise a stressful and grinding existence. I have always been told, from a young age, that I have a knack for writing, whether it be a short story as a youngin', a more involved essay in my college years, or just forwarding a corporate email with my own "edits" to a chain of friends/colleagues for their personal enjoyment.
Basically, I'm trying to find an outlet to channel my innermost interest and passion, which is entertaining others through my ability to reach them on an emotional level....humor.
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Comedy Writing
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