Fawn Perry

Freelance Document Designer & Virtual Assistant

Location:Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
Elite Virtual, LLC offers remote solutions to businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations via administrative, editorial, social networking, creative and concierge services, allowing these markets:

Flexibility to focus on tasks and projects that are primary
Cost-efficient options to save on unnecessary operating costs
Resources to strategize and growing their business

Whether you dread hiring an onsite employee (who on average wastes approximately two hours per day) due to budget issues; whether you avoid dealing with staffing agencies given the inconsistency of different temps who you may or may not work well with; or, whatever your outsourcing or personal project needs may be, as long as it is in Elite Virtual’s capacity, EV will strive to exceed those needs with its range of quality services and flexibility.

Today’s economic crisis has been the demise of many businesses. While downsizing is unfortunate,company sustainability and growth are always possibilities. DIY solutions could threaten the livelihood of your business as you may wind up completely bound by work.

The benefits of outsourcing with Elite Virtual include:

You are not bound by a contract after a task or project is completed
You don’t pay for sick time, vacation time, 401k contributions or insurance
No office space, equipment, supplies or excess paperwork to accommodate EV
Flexibility to accomplish more important goals and more personal free time

Owning or managing a business is an American dream for many of us, and with this dream we expect to live a fruitful life that allows us freedom to spend some time enjoying the things we love most. Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is the first step toward a breath of fresh air. Envision. Experience. Excel.