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Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:United States
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Ketki Gokhale
Phone: 1.415.570.1371
3D Character / Creature Rigger (TD)
Skills ? Maya
? Photoshop
? Hair
? After Effects
? 3Ds Max
? Python
? Cloth Simulation
? Muscle
Pixomondo Visual Effects
Character TD
? Worked as a Character TD on Terra Nova
TV show
? Was responsible for rigging Nyko Raptor,
Ovosaur and Empirosaurous
? Was responsible for setting up Dynamic
Neck, Wing set up and Tail
? Was responsible for Rigging Dragonfly,
Beetle, Flying Beetle and Dirty sixer - a car.
Ghost Rabbit Entertainment
Burbank, CA
San Francisco, CA
? Mechanical Rig: Crystal smasher using dynamic fractal system
? Creature rig: facial and body skeletal rigging
? Creature rig: 12 legged worm spline IK system with stretch and squash
Crest Animation Studios Mumbai, India
? Rigging of anthropomorphic objects and props
? Scripting R&D for opening and closing of bird wings
? Hair and Fur simulation R&D
Marvimation San Francisco, CA
Character TD
? Built full body and facial rig for Aurtho.
? Troubleshooting and modification of 2 biped rigs
? Critiqued and provided feedback on 3 rigs
In association with Academy of Art University San Francisco,CA
A Boxing Tale
Character TD
? Cartoon Rig: Facial and full body rig for Punchy
? Built 2 bipedal rigs with facial rigging
? Influence object rigging for hands and leg muscle deformation
Ketki Gokhale
Phone: 1.415.570.1371
3D Character / Creature Rigger (TD)
One So Young
Character TD
? Built rig for Grandpa
? Troubleshooting and modification of rig for One
? 2D animation character rigging using Maya
Side Kick
Character TD
? Build a cartoony biped character
? Added Stretch and Squash for various parts of body
? Build a facial interface for various expressions
Bug Crew
Character TD
? Build a realist biped rig with facial set for him
? Cloth Simulation for the coat.
The Punch
Character TD
? Build a biped character for MFA thesis project
? Built facial set up with stretch and squash for hands and legs.
Education Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA
? MFA studies in Character Rigging
MIT College of Engineering Pune, India
? BS in Electronics and Telecommunication
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3D Animation