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My name is Elisa Planellas. I have always had a love of writing. As a child I excelled greatly in school. Creative writing was my best subject.

During middle school I wrote a book. It was a hobby of mine. When the other kids were socializing at lunch, I was writing. When the other kids were playing double dutch and dodge ball during recess, I was writing.

I couldn't help myself. Writing meant a lot to me. It still does. Through my writing I can travel to places I've never been and gain wisdom by living through things I've never experienced. Through writing I can put facts together and find valuable solutions.

To me the most valuable feature of writing is the way that thoughts can be shared. Writing can make a shy person bold. They can communicate their ideas in depth. The written word enables one to speak up without fear of being interrupted.

I have written award winning poems, short stories and reports. All of these greatly benefited my academic career. I get praise for quality work. It’s my passion.

Now I offer you the benefit of my lifelong passion. Should you choose me for any type of writing work, you will not be disappointed. Nevertheless, the choice is yours.
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