Nathan Salon

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Technical Illustrator

Location:Lahaina, Hawaii, United States
2 Skills
To obtain a technical position within the Computer, IT/MIS Industry where I will be able to utilize my analytical, troubleshooting, repair, web design, security, data entry and/or customer service skills.

Clark University Computer Career Institute, Framingham, MA
PC Service and Support with Networking. October 2003.

Heald College, School of Technology, Honolulu, HI

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Networking Technology,
Graduation Date: January 1998. GPA: 3.0

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronics Technology,
Graduation Date: January 1998. GPA: 3.0

-Perfect Attendance Award, Heald College.
-Recipient of Technological Achievement Award, Heald College.

Classroom instruction and nearly 900+ hours of hands-on training using Tektronix test equipment.

Related courses:

Analog Circuitry, Circuit Troubleshooting, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Circuit Assembly, Digital Circuitry, and Telecommunications, PC Assembly

PC Operations, C/C++ Programming, Assembly Programming, Basic Programming, Dos, Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 98SE, 2000 home/pro, XP home/pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Unix/Linux Slackware, Redhat 9.0, Novell, 2000 home/pro, XP home/pro, Self Learning: OS/X, Vista, Visual Basic 6.0

Windows Workstation/Server NT4.0, NT5, 2000 Advanced Server, Network Essentials, Network Administration, Exchange Server 5, Network Enterprise, and TCP/IP, RAS, Terminal Service, Basic IIS, Windows 2003/2008, Personal: Windows Server 2003, Windows Small Business 2003, Self Learning: Network Security, Cyber Security

Software & Applications
SAP Database, Reflections, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Database III, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Personal: Print Artist, Print Shop, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Powerpoint, Ulead GIF Animator, Ulead Java Creator, Ulead Video Editor, Webtricity, Frontpage97+, Self Learning: Microsoft Access, Basic HTML, Basic Java Scripts, Macromedia Suite, Basic Flash, Animated Flash, GIF Animation, Architecture Design Software, Basic SQL, Basic ASP, Basic VB

12/07 - 8/11 JN Automotive Group, Honolulu, HI
IT Administrator – Providing variety of technical support, computer repair, equipment maintenance, networking support, desktop support, troubleshooting, research, analysis, security and development, maintaining front and back ends in a computer networking environment between few locations within an auto dealership.

12/06 - Present NAKS-IT.COM, Honolulu, HI
Owner/IT Consultant - Providing Information & Technical Service To Those Who Need I.T., computer desktop support, repair, web designing, electronics support, internet and security support, mostly to home client users.

8/06 - 12/07 Fred Salon Realty, Honolulu, HI
Technical Specialist - Giving support, service & upgrades to the technical infrastructure of the company. Going forward to improve the technical standards of computer and equipment operations to make the business more efficient. Introducing, designing, developing, improving, maintaining the company's website. Being on top of current valid technical and real estate information to help the business and its' agents and/or staff.

11/04 - 6/05 Charter Communication, Worcester, MA
Repair Specialist/Customer Service - Performing on the phone help desk & troubleshooting assistance, and providing customer service support in a call center environment. Constant utilizing computer tools to help customers solve problems with internet, email, and cable TV services or connection.
7/01 - 3/03 Pegasus Satellite Television, Marlborough, MA
Customer Activation Service Representative - Providing troubleshooting assistance & customer service in a call center environment. Always willing to help customers with their programming/services, equipment troubles, and billing issues.

7/00 - 3/01 Acuson (Acuson Siemens), Mountain View, CA
Administrative Support II - Troubleshooting & analyzing system software configurations, and customer data. Maintaining accurate information of ultrasound equipment, customers, field engineers, and accounts were the common tasks. Distribute operational & functional codes to engineers out on the field in order for customers to properly operate Acuson's high-tech. bio-medical machines.

8/99 - 7/00 Adecco/Olsten's Staffing - Acuson, Mountain View, CA
System/Data Analyst/Customer Support - Analyzing & entering data at Acuson by updating and managing the SAP Database System. To quickly react upon code request phone calls from the field engineers. Producing equipment codes towards the operation of the company's high-tech ultrasound equipment.

2/99 - 7/99 AppleOne Employment - Z-Tel Communications, Milpitas, CA
Sales Agent/Team Leader/Representative - Lead & represented a wonderful growing telecommunication company called Z-Tel Communications, by promoting its piece of new technology to customers within a great electronics store. When asked, we have provided to customers information and technical answers to their questions.

2/97 - 6/98 Microsoft Network, Internet
Chat Central Host - Assisted in controlling and maintaining Microsoft's online chat rooms by helping computer users with their technical and general questions. Provided valid network related information to make Internet usage easier.

8/94 - 2/97 Fred Salon Realty, Honolulu, HI
General Office Help - Duties involved doing data entry, filing of papers, taking phone calls, and messages. Worked in this position between jobs and whenever needed.

2/94 - 8/94 Alu Like, Inc., Honolulu, HI
Data Entry Clerk - Processed company-related data by filing and entering it into a computer database. Typed, sorted mail, answered calls and took phone messages. General office tasks were done.