Sayed Irfan

Freelance Presentation Designer & Business Plan Writer

Location:Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
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OBJECTIVE Technical Writer / Technical Journalist

CORE COMPETENCIES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
• Almost 30 years of top-class experience in the teaching/training and engineering consulting industry
• Proficient English language skills (8+ on CLBPT and 7.5+ on IELTS ) Also proficient at Urdu and can understand Punjabi and Hindi
• Excellent communication and analytical skills and can relate easily with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds
• Contributed several articles of general and social interest in leading newspapers and magazines
• Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) and Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
• Strong background in quantitative analysis and academic research
• Positive attitude that is rooted firmly in the philosophy espoused by Napoleon Hill in his best selling classic Think and Grow Rich
HIGHLIGHTS OF WORK EXPERIENCE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Teaching • Designed and delivered curricula at bachelor and graduate levels
• Supervised group projects and hands-on training
• Prepared and marked tests and papers to evaluate students
• Guided students on academic and career matters
• Represented NED University as speaker and guest lecturer
• Designed and delivered professional development programs
• Served on boards and committees for curriculum revision and administrative issues
Consulting • Involved in the development of the ‘Pakistan Integrated Energy Model (Pak-IEM)’, 2009-2010. The model is a least-cost optimization tool for identifying the best energy-mix for Pakistan.
• Planned and conducted energy audits for the industry, transport and agriculture sectors within a USAID funded project
• Managed field and design work for several highway projects
• Presented engineering reports to key management staff
• Served as member of government constitutional planning and working committees
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Associate Professor NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan 2004 - Present
Assistant Professor NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan 2003 - 2004
Visiting Faculty/Research Scholar NED University and other institutions, Pakistan 1997 - 2002
Senior Engineer Management & Engineering Consultants, Pakistan 1992 - 1997
Highway Engineer/Energy Engineer Techno-Consult, Pakistan 1982 - 1991

EDUCATION/TRAINING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Master of Engineering NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan, November 2002
Bachelor of Engineering NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan, November 1981