Michael McGrath

Freelance Article Writer & Content Writer

Location:Lihue, Hawaii, United States
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Michael McGrath


• Bachelor of Arts in English with Honors, University of Alberta.
• Master of Arts in English, University of Alberta.


Attenza. com / Service911 (2000-2002)
• Planned and wrote the following software tutorial sets, including screencaptures and image editing of 50 to 100 tutorials each:
• AOL 7.0 (100 tutorials)
• Creatures 3 (50 tutorials)
• FlipAlbum (50 tutorials)
• Go!Zilla (100 tutorials)
• Lotus Notes Email Basics (50 tutorials)
• Printmaster Premier (100 tutorials)

SmartContent.com (2011 – Present)
• Developed article topic ideas and researched a wide variety of assigned topics, including camping, sports, and pet care
• Wrote high-interest 400- to 600-word articles on multiple topics, unobtrusively incorporating SEO keywords
• Wrote advertizing copy and catalog product descriptions for pet-related products

Kairos Health Care (2011-Present)
• Researched and wrote monthly articles for the following websites:
• Alcohol-truth.com
• Amphetamine-truth.com
• *******-truth.com
• Hallucinogen-truth.com
• ******-truth.com
• Inhalant-truth.com
• *********-truth.com
• Methamphetamine-truth.com
• Nicotine-truth.com
• *******-truth.com

Razoreye Media (2001 – 2009)
• Wrote editorial responses reader questions on software systems and Internet use
• Wrote step-by-step software tutorials and created screenshot images for each step for monthly Learning Curve newsletter.
• Performed market research comparing Razoreye's products to its competitors'
• Proposed, researched, and wrote articles on privacy, identity theft, and fraud for monthly Privacy Chest newsletter
• Reviewed company websites, verified existing links, and proposed changes to site structure

Toyvault.com (2002 – 2003)
• Wrote Python-style texts for the packaging and insert materials for the client's Monty Python plush toy line:
• Black Beast of Aaaaaargh box text
• Black Knight box text
• Book of Armaments handbook
• Exploding Penguin for Your Television box text
• Killer Sheep box text
• Lumberjack Doll box text
• Ministry of Silly Walks Doll box text
• Rabbit with Pointy Teeth handbook
• Rabbit with Pointy Teeth box text

Tree.com (2009 – 2011)
• Managed a demanding writing schedule requiring 10 to 20 articles a week while also serving as editors' first choice for additional tight-deadline and problematic article writing
• Researched and proposed web content article sets on a wide variety of topics including health care, insurance, travel, and home improvements
• Wrote articles in multiple formats, including 800- to 1000-word Decision Guides, How-To articles, Features, Quizzes, and Problem / Solution guides
• Incorporated SEO search terms into articles while maintaining a natural writing style

• Proposed, researched, and wrote eight-chapter Improve Your Memory ebook to meet a seven-day deadline.

MoreFocus (2001 – 2009)
• Researched and wrote web content articles ranging in length from 300 to 1000 words
• Wrote on multiple topics, with a focus on medical information sites
• Wrote each article in accordance with editors SEO suggestions, incorporating search phrases into text in a natural, unobtrusive manner.


• Doris Carey: Former V.P for Content Development, NCERx /W3commerce.com
< lafontaine943@yahoo.com>

• Ahna Fender: Managing Editor, Tree.com
< ahna.fender@gmail.com>

• Casey Olynyk: Owner, Razoreye Media
< casey@pandomar.com>
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