Peter Wallis

Freelance Ad Designer & Digital Artist

Location:United States
2 Skills
Technical Skills:

-Visual Artist: Printmaking, Drawing, 2-D, Graphic/Web Design, Animation

-Comprehensive understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, strong understanding of layout and design for both print and web material.

-Experience cultivating databases as well as proven leadership with marketing and fundraising efforts for Non-Profit organizations. Familiarity working with administrators and faculty members organizing workshops and gallery exhibitions with younger students and adults.

-An interdisciplinary approach to Printmaking techniques. I have a strong enthusiasm for the use of green printmaking materials and techniques and feel that my creative practice centralizes around a passion for printmaking, drawing and Art History.

-Strong interpersonal skills in both managing gallery shows, as well as implementing visual art education workshops for adults and children. Proven leadership experience managing arts workshops and instructors, teaching experience in many different techniques and practices.

-Experience with narrative forms contemporary illustration approaches.
I.e. Graphic Novels, Stop Motion Animation, Children’s Books, Self-Publication.
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Ad Design
Digital Art