Dragan Rusnov

Freelance Website Architect & Website Programmer

Location:Spokane, Washington, United States
Phone: 1.888.774.055
Website: http://webitprofessionals.com
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Dragan Rusnov

My objective is to pursue a career in the company with the chance for success, using all my knowledge and experience in electronics, automatics, hardware and software. Possibility to develop my skills even more, so I can benefit for the company I will work for.
Work History
12/2007-11/2011 14Four, Inc. Spokane, WA
- Duties include: help with Network, System Analysis and Estimates for projects, Information Architecture, DB and Solution Architecture, Implementation, Hosting Setup and Deployment of a variety of marketing campaigns (web, facebook aps), informational websites, custom web-based applications with custom Content Management Systems, database driven apps, e-commerce solutions etc. through a number of Marketing Agencies nationwide, for such brands as Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Cricket Wireless, Avista Utilities, Nestle, GM, UCLA, AVON, AVEDA, AT&T, American Express, Dole, Fender, Jansport, Jimmy John’s, McDonalds, Merrill Lynch, Nuun etc.
- Integration with many APIs such as Authorize.Net (ecommerce), Facebook, Google Data API (Blogger, Maps, Picasa, YouTube), Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, PayPal etc.
- Building many APIs for flash driven websites/facebook apps and iPhone apps to enable DB driven model
- Building web based solutions for iPad, iPhone and Mobile environment in general
- Technology used: ASP.Net C# Frameworks (2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0), ASP.Net MVC (2 and 3) model, LINQ To SQL, MSSQL DB (2000, 2005 and 2008), HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Framework, Ajax approach, Third Party Solution for CMS - Expression Engine, PHP & MySQL
- I’ve estimates and worked on projects ranging from few thousand dollars to 100k+ on a daily basis.
01/2007-12/2007 Klundt|Hosmer Spokane, WA
- Duties include: taking care of the Network, setup and installation of programs and./or management of router, firewall, servers etc., Hosting duties as management of hosting server, customer support, installation and updates for server etc., Troubleshooting PC / Mac computers in the office, System Analysis and Planning, Estimating Cost for projects and/or hosting, Designing/architecting software solution for customer, Development/implementation of the solution, Maintenance and troubleshooting of the existing websites etc.
- Created customized process for Rewriting URL for Moss Adams using Excel for easy management of the new locations and names for pages. Troubleshooting and finding a solution at the hosting server at Moss Adams (internal).
- Loan application for Executive Lending Group that send HTML formatted email. Application has been developed with .Net 2.0 and it is combined as virtual directory within ASP 3.0 application.
- Architected and planned development for Teck-Comminco document management system with several security levels and ability to manage documents and user accounts. Application has been developed using .Net 2005 and SQL Server 2005
- Developed website for Community Building that is managed by customized content management system – also developed and planned with .Net 2005 and SQL Server 2005
- Architected and Developed CMS (Content Management system)
- Architected and developed a developer template solution (reusable) for E-Commerce with Authorize.Net payment gateway.
- Troubleshooting and Maintenance of the websites (front end, back end, VB.Net, ASP 3.0, JS, XHTML, CSS, SQL etc)
- Rewiring network in the office, creating schema with locations and connections on the switch board. Network is combination of OS10 and Windows 2003 R2 systems
- Designing and laying out wires for new office space network.
- Setup and installation of routers (wireless connection w/security)
- Management of the existing network, staging and hosting server (windows 2003 R2 OS)
10/2006-12/2006 Web Software Systems Development Spokane, WA
- Development of Survey Application that dynamically creates response report based on the given answers and creations of TFM file for phone system used in Spokane Regional Health District. Application was developed using .Net 2005 with Ajax Technology. Application is combined with ASP 3.0 application as a virtual directory.
- Maintenance of different websites (XHTML, CSS, SQL 2000 and SQL 2005, MS Access, Excel, ASP 3.0 etc.)
07/2006-10/2006 World Wide Group LLC Spokane, WA
- Working in a multi-solution environment (almost 20 solutions working as one big application).
- Converting 2001 .Net application code into .Net 2005 code with enhancements, updates, changes etc. (maintenance)
- Designing and creating process for B2B (World Wide Group LLC | CommuniKate) communication over two different platforms (.Net & Java) using XML through HTTP Post. Verification of data (information synchronization and validity within businesses, automatic updates and synchronization) and auto-authentication (once signed in one application (ex. WWG) by simple click on the link process will verify information, and authenticate user into CommuniKate app with no need to authenticate again) were some of the important requirements for this project. Web services and classes were combined as business logic to create XML interface for B2B communication.
- Created reusable JS validation methods in one file that was part of inherited Base Class created by World Wide Group LLC
- Created Help Desk application (intranet) for search of 800000 customers by ID, name or phone number with ability to update basic info (phone, email, name) and
sign in into main app without authenticating (auto-authenticated) using Ajax technology
- Worked with SQL server 2005, TFS (Team Foundation Server), VSS (Visual Source Safe), .Net 2001, .Net 2005, XML Web Services, Ajax Technology, Atlas Technology etc.
12/2003-06/2006 Assisted Living Software Systems Inc. Spokane, WA
- Analyzing needs of the Assisted Living business for a major web based application, to convert the paper procedures to electronic.
- Enhancing existing procedures and creating tools for maximizing the efficiency of running the business.
- Managing projects and leading a team of programmers to achieving their goals in a timely fashion.
- Full development cycle SDLC (planning, analyzing, designing, implementing then testing and preparing for support of the web application)
? -Created big scope web application that falls under WA State regulations
- Created library with files (css, js, dll, img etc) that’s used with application (class for validation, date & time methods, converting symbols to ANSI symbols (accepting single quote, percent symbol etc)
- Created Support application for internal employees to be used as a controller for customer’s applications.
- for development used SQLSERVER2000 and WebServer2003, Enterprise Manager (SQL), Visual Studio 2003, ASP.Net with C#, ADO.Net, SQL, T-SQL, JS, XHMTL, XML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Visio,
- worked with Network Engineer on creating paths, structures etc (rules for creating new web applications)
- Setting up rules for development (naming variables, components, objects, classes etc)
- Structured infrastructure in the new company (needs for departments, communications between departments, defined processes etc)
10/2003-12/2003 Voters Want More Choices Spokane, WA
- Reorganizing 3 different formats of Databases into SQLServer2000 database with over 50,000 records.
- Creating a web based application to connect and maintain the new database with options as exporting to Excel etc.
- for development used SQLSERVER2000 and WebServer2003, Enterprise Manager (SQL), Visual Studio 2003, ASP.Net with C#, ADO.Net, SQL, T-SQL, JS, XHTML, XML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop 7.0
03/2002-03/2004 Spokane Community College Spokane, WA
- While I was in school I worked on two big projects for school (PHP – Registration/Pre-registration web application and JSP (Internship) - web application for managing school’s staff, classes, schedules etc.)
11/2000-03/2002 Agilent Technologies Spokane, WA
- Maintaining high technology equipment for making PCB in a 100,000 sq feet manufacturing plant.
- Helping engineers in making the process more efficient and effective.
- Debugging computer programs (Fuji-Cam), calibrating machines (precise mechanics with tolerances as 0.002/inch or 0.03/mm), high and low voltage (5V-380V three phase) etc.
- Debugging programs for the Proto line and trying to speed them up make them more effective, efficient and accurate.
- Decision-making and high-responsibility job.
05/2000-11/2000 Volt Group Services Spokane, WA
- Same as Above (Agilent Technologies)
06/1999-05/2000 Luminaria-Vintage lighting Spokane, WA
- Maintaining old, making and designing new lamps and fixtures.
05/1997-05/1999 Motel “Train” Sarajevo, Bosnia
- I worked as a receptionist and waiter with other duties as bookkeeping, organizing and planning schedule.
IT Link recognition for SCC program:
- Graduated from a 2-year program for A.A.S degree in Web Development Technologies at SCC. (Graduated in 2004) (VB, Java, JSP, ASP.Net, C#, PHP, XHTML, JS, SQL, T-SQL, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, Flash, Windows and Web Applications)
- 1 year attended on University for Mechanical Engineering (cybernetics, robotics and production techniques program)
- 4 years of computer, automatics and electronics education in high school
- 8 years of general education in elementary school, with two years of additional classes for electro-techniques and electronics
Member of Phi Theta Kappa Society
National Honor Roll Student
Member of Advisory Committee at SCC since 2005
Additional Skills
- Third level of Cambridge classes for English Language
- WIN, Word, Excel certificates (courses)
- IDENTICO printer class
- FUJI certificates for CP4.3 machine maintenance
- FUJI certificate for IP3 machine calibrations
- WA state certified interpreter for medical services (Bosnian-English)
- Good organization skills
- Good leadership skills
- Marital Arts
o Since 1978 I have been in Martial Arts as Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Aikido. I have been teaching Martial Arts in Bosnia for three years.
- Music
o In 1977 I started playing guitar, and latter on I learned how to play Bass-guitar, a little bit drums, keyboards and how to make music arrangements for songs. In my country I had played in a few bands, and I had played professionally in the main studio – Radio and TV of Bosnia and Herzegovina.