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Charles HB Smith

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Location:Linconshire, IL. 60069, Illinois, United States
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I am the CEO/ Publisher of City Park Media, LLC., which is a small fast growing multimedia advertisement company. We are targeted to network and hire 70 top writers, editors, graphic artist, jingle creators, composers, sales executives, Illustrators, design artist, Adobe Suit professionals, administrators, and models throughout United States. Our plan is to continue to target small businesses with high-end commercials for cable and web, high-end magazine print with powerful contents and graphics, amazing voice-overs and composition strategies along with jingles and jingle tags. Our Management Team is YOU. Together we could push to educate small businesses on how to network with one another in business and target CONSUMERS within our membership club to spend CAPITOL with our club members nationwide. We will soon reach YOUR area with multimedia advertisement through various of CABLE Networks.

Lets combine businesses and skills in NETWORK. That will allow you to continue to reach out to millions of businesses and consumers expressing your creative gifts and directing your skills to SHINE.

Thank you,

CEO/ Publisher
City Park Media, LLC.

Ron Clark
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