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Christen Smith

Freelance Brochure Designer & Flyer Designer

Location:Tallahassee, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Summary of Qualifications:
Huge writing experience with great variety in topics and consistency in content quality
Uncommon work completion qualities maintaining both the superiority of the text as well as the specified deadlines
Extra ordinary ability to wander through contradictory subject matters simultaneously, such as medical science, sociology, economics, computers etc.
Great skill of elaboration as well as concision of content as per the article needs
Perfect hand at MS tools such as WORD, EXCEL and tremendous search traits at the web platform
Very high speed typing and reading capabilities

Professional Experience:

Freelance writer (2008-Present)
[List of magazines, periodicals]
Receiving list of article topics and their expansion limits by the editors
Searching for the current and past references of the subject topic
Gathering information and content material regarding the subject topic
Planning and Preparing the overall format of the article
Organizing the collected information and the subject matter and writing the article
Submitting completed articles to the editors

Freelance website content writer (2009-Present)
[List of websites]
Studying and understanding orientation of the website under consideration and relevancy of the current topic with it
Searching the web for related information and data
Searching for the keywords useful to achieve excellent "Search engine optimization" of that website
Writing articles using the gathered information and inserting the keywords as per the context
Submitting completed articles online

Academic education:
Bachelor of Science in Journalism at Florida State University
Post graduated education in progress at Florida State University
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Brochure Design
Flyer Design