Donna Beals

Freelance Business Card Designer & Book Designer

Location:Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States
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Luckily I have maintained a fulltime job in our local community since 1974 despite a few recessionary periods; and also a parttime waitress/trainer. The past several years I have also obtained my Associates Degree in IT through University of Phoenix, and will have my Bachelors Degree in Website Design and Administration through University of Phoenix as well. My goal is to start my own web business and get it going over the next 5-6 years, then retire and work for myself. I will be tough, but pain, persistence and followthrough hopefully will prove beneficial to my success. I hope to put my classes to work here to build and practice what I have studied to apply to my future business. Just ask one thing, be patient with me as I demand success in myself so you get the best product I can give you!
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Business Card Design
Book Design