Joe Cole

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & Logo Designer

Location:Albany, New York, United States
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Joey Cole,

The man of brilliance when it comes to the simplicity of living your life. People live to bask in the riches of their self existence, I live in the moment to paint a picture that could inspire everyone for many generations to come. I understand the values, morals, and importance of being civilized to one's hobby. It's safekeeping because the human brain has designed me to embrace color, pastels, chalk, pencil and pen to create pieces of art that signifies brilliance. I smile humbly in the inside which makes the perfect shots to frame and post on your fridge. I also like my coffee with cream and no sugar.
When I leave my front door in the morning, get in my car; I drive fast.... So fast that life is moving at warp speed; I can't even begin to understand, because it's all a blur. But once I get out my car, and see that life is all disoriented and unclear, I design it, configure it, and set it free much better than it ought to be.
I want to make an account that deposits great laughs, fond memories and circle of trust that unites people who share the same dream as I.... ART

On a lighter, condense,very funny, "get to know me" version
I enjoy driving
Hanging with friends is the most coolest thing that man or woman has invented
Video games is not just a digital graphic project put together by geeks to make a profit,
no it was created to embrace your inner superhero.
Occupation: Price Chopper Job Code: Overnight stocker Major Goal: Manager
Favorite Music: Dead Mau5
Favorite Food: Anything that's hearty and nutritious
Long Term Goal: To make the most out of life, carrying the people who's hungry for the same.
Short Term Goal: To live another day
Religious Belief: Do what's right and you'll be fine. Live wrongly, Karma sees you.
Independent: Relying on people to get the job done just isn't in my vocabulary. Either it's done wrong and (or) not done at all.

I'm Joey Cole, Hello.