Shubhangini Salunkhe

Freelance Software Tester & Quality Assurance Freelancer

Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States
2 Skills
Around 5 years of experience in software industry with expertise in building Automation framework using test automation tool. Has worked on multiple technologies and platforms and have participated in assessments, presentations pertaining to automation. Good programming background with expertise in visual basic, Vbscript, Jscript and other languages.
Good understanding of Healthcare and Insurance domain.


? Around 5 years of experience in QA Testing processes for Web based and Client Server applications

? Strong expertise and over 3 years of experience in Test Automation with automation tools like Quick Test Pro, Quality Center and TestComplete

? Excellent Analytical, Problem Solving, Communications, and Interpersonal skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.

? Innovative and able to absorb new technologies fast.

? Team Player, making and meeting commitments, ability to work under stress with confidence.

? Team Lead, ability to handle the team under high pressures.

? Expertise in understanding of Processes of SDLC including Testing Life Cycle.

? Profound Knowledge in Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functionality Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

? Hands on Experience in Automated Testing tools like QTP, TestComplete and Quality Center.

? Profound Knowledge of Automation testing with Keyword & Data Driven framework.

? Hands on Experience in Configuration Management Tools like Star Team and PVCS


Testing Tools Quick Test Pro, Quality Center, TestComplete
Languages C, C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic 6.0, VB Script, ASP, SQL
Databases SQL Server 2000, MS Access
Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows NT
Others Visual Source Safe, PVCS, StarTeam


? Bachelor of Science APR 2000
Shivaji University, India
? C-DAC AUG 2001
AIIT Karad


Syntel India Ltd. May ’05 – Mar 10


Company: Syntel Ltd
Client: GE Healthcare
Project: Centricity PACS IW3
Date: June ‘09 – March 10
Project Specific skills: Quality Center, QuickTestPro
Role: Team Lead

GE Healthcare provides services in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, disease research, drug discovery etc.

Centricity PACS-IW is a comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use image access and management system. It streamlines image distribution for medical professionals and their staff by eliminating time and distance bottlenecks. Centricity PACS-IW cuts equipment and storage costs for hospitals, imaging centers and medical groups. It allows clinicians to be more mobile and all operations to be more efficient and traceable.
Simple configuration is just one way that Centricity PACS-IW makes it easy to access and manage images. Since it is a web-based application, all the customary Windows maneuvers work in Centricity PACS-IW. You do not need to learn a brand-new interface. Floating tool-tips describe any unfamiliar features: hover the mouse over a button or menu item to see its definition. The right-click button holds functions that are pertinent to your current operation, so you don't need to search the menu bar for the next step in your workflow.
This web based application is developed in 13 different languages.

Responsibilities include:

• Leading the team at offshore.
• Participated in Test Plan, Test Strategy creation and Status Reviews with onsite lead & Team.
• Attended requirement and code walkthroughs to ensure comprehensive Test Plans
Mentoring and Monitoring Test Team activities
• Maintained automation using QTP10.0 and QC i.e. Driver Script, Reusable and Application specific functions
• Involved in Peer Reviews of Automation Scripts and validating the test scripts using checklists.
• Participation in designing Automation Framework.
• Participation in Weekly status meetings & activities.
• Participation in developing the functions for Automation Framework in such a fashion that English script will work on 13 diff (Jap, French, Expranto, etc) languages.
• Developed functions which will run the script from QC & update the status of the test cases in QC with customized reports.

Role: Automation SPOC

Company: Syntel India Ltd.
Date: Nov ‘08 – May ‘09
Specific skills: Quality Center, QuickTestPro, TestComplete, Jemmy

Responsibilities include:

• Participation in assessing various RFP’s and creating a proposal for the various clients
• Impart training in Testing Concepts, Automation, Performance Testing to new joiners and project teams as needed
• Working as a Automation SPOC for projects that need testing expertise
• Performing assessment of the existing automation/performance documents, templates, best practices etc and update them/standardize them, as necessary so that they can be shared with any client as needed.
• Understand the functionalities provided by TestComplete tool & implemented the framework
• Prepare the test scripts for sample PACS application as per framework.
• Help the other team members to understand the functionality.
• Understand the functionalities provided by Jemmy tool & implemented the Automation Framework
• Preparing the test scripts for sample PACS application as per framework.
• Participated in implementation Proof of Concepts for couple of clients in Syntel to showcase the Benefits of Automation Framework.
• Implemented the framework for TestComplete tool using Jscript
• Prepared the Automation test scripts with better coverage & showcase it to client.
• Upload the framework generated report to Quality Center.
• Create the QC-QTP Integration Utility. It has the below features-
• Create a test set in “Test Lab” module of QC
• Copy relevant test cases from “Test Plan” module to the test set in TestLab module
• Upload the framework generated results from local machine onto the test run in QC
• Handle relevant exceptions like folder not present, duplicate test cases etc are also been handled
• Enable scenario selection from QC.
• Maintain the input data sheet as required by automation frameworks in QC
• Upload attachments as required along with the execution report.
• Update the status for every test step for every run.

Role: Tester

Company: Syntel Ltd
Client: Mckesson
Project: Encore
Date: May ‘05 – Feb ‘08
Project Specific skills: Quality Center, QuickTestPro

McKesson Corporation is the leading provider of supply, information and care management products designed to reduce costs and improve quality across healthcare. Founded in 1833, McKesson ranks as the 20th largest industrial company in the United States.

The key objective is to develop a product called Encore that would provide the necessary features and functionalities to the McKesson's Customers (Hospitals). It has two modules

Access Management provides the ability to identify a person, request a service, verify the person is eligible, authorized and scheduled for the service, and is registered or admitted on the day the service is to be provided.
Receivables Management provides functionality for selecting, editing, creating and formatting claims and invoices. It includes Payor Rules for Claims, Contracts, and Reimbursement

Responsibilities include:

• Involved in designing Unit & Integration Test Cases based on Requirements.
• Review the Unit & Integration Test Cases as per Checklists and guidelines.
• Update and test the existing test cases as per Change Requests.
• Handled Integration testing team for the modules from RM.
• Mentor new joiners about the project.
• Prepare and execute the automation scripts by using QTP 8.2.
• Performing Regression Testing by using QTP 8.2 for effective results with in the time frame.
• Parameterize the scripts to pass the data at runtime.
• Verify the Defects rose by client and participate in impact analysis.
• Analyzed reusable test cases and explained them to the team
• Performed Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Pre-User Acceptance Testing.
• Delivered presentations to entire team on various features.
• Logged the defects in QC and verified the same.