Darrell Penner

Freelance Blog Writer & Creative Writer

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I enjoy writing.
I have adequate writing skills and have published a few articles of a "human interest" nature relating to community heritage. I also have a number of projects on the go including stories, articles and books. I am a volunteer and am a Director on the Board of a small community museum. I've been a commissioner on the city's heritage commission as well as the vice president of the city's heritage society.
I edited and wrote for a province-wide newsletter for the local branch of an international medieval recreation society as well as writing from many interests in that society including medieval heraldry.
With regards to fiction, I tend towards writing fantasy and science fiction.
I have no problem with coming up with ideas for articles on very many subjects and my interests are much more varied than can be listed here. My education was very broad and has expanded since I left university and college. (hard sciences, soft sciences, arts, engineering, history...)
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