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Dustin Covey

Freelance Book Illustrator, Illustrator, & More

Location:EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada
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Dustin Covey is a Canadian artist, educator, author, photographer, and illustrator, with more than 30 years of experience in a huge variety of flat and sculptural media.

An early pioneer in Digital Art, his graphic design and digital illustrations have been used in museums and commercially all over western Canada. His exhibit and interpretive designs won him industry recognition early on in his career, and he still offers his services to Canadian Museums.

He developed and taught several very succesful Drawing, Art Theory, and Design classes with Metro College, operated his own graphics design business and has published his first book of cartoons (That's not funny-YET!". Aside from most flat media, (Charcoal, pen, ink, brush, water colour, acrylic, oil, etc), Dustin has also worked in wood, glass, metal, pliables, fabric, stone, thermoresins, plaster and plastics

His philosophy is to work with clients, using a series of increasingly refined rough drafts to quickly produce a final product that is exactly what the client desires.

If you are looking for top notch custom work, regardless of the size or complexity of your needs, Dustin's talent, experience and professionalism are waiting for you.

Hourly rates start at CDN$24/ hr but can vary by type of work as they may include shop and fabrication fees. Always reasonable!