Freelance Translator & Chinese Translator

Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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1. Personal Data:

Name:CiCi Li

Degree:Master of Translation
Major:Chinese ? English Translation
Cell:416-479-9486; 647-838-2678

2. Educational Background:

Master Degree Issued By:
Chinese University of H.K. (2006.8—2007.7)

During the period, the comprehension and perception was further clarified and sharpened.

Course Details:
1. English-Chinese Workshop;
2. Translation Studies;
3. Literature Translation Studies;
4. Interpreting;
5. Chinese-English Workshop;
6. Consecutive Interpreting;
7. Business Translation;
8. Advertisement Translation.

Course Papers:
1. On Translation Techniques For the Satirical Art of Fortress Besieged
2. The Translation of Humor In Chinese Style

Translation works done during this period:
1. Chinese-English:essay Touch the Truth
2. English-Chinese: Selling Faith

Bachelor Degree Issued By:
Northwest Normal University (1995.9 - 1999.7)

During the Period:
1. March, 1999: Passed Band 8 Test For English Majors;
2. September, 1998: Won the 2nd prize of the “Singing Contest of English Songs for College Students”;
3. May, 1997: Won the title “Excellent Student”;
4. March, 1997: Won the honorary title of “Excellent Student Leader”;
5. March, 1997: Performed the lead in a play and won the “Excellence Award”;
6. July, 1996: Participated in “Cultural Exchange” ;
7. July, 1995-July, 1997: Participated in a variety of dancing performances.

3. Work Experience

July, 1999---September, 2006
Upon the completion of my undergraduate study, I became a teacher of Foreign Language College at Northwest University.
Main Duties:
Being responsible for teaching non-English majors and assisting them in passing Band-4 and Band-6 tests directed mainly at non-English majors at college.
Courses covered:
College English; New Horizon English; Listening Workshop; Oral Workshop; Comprehensive Reading and Intensive Reading, etc.
During the period:
1. Undertaking the translation work of the book Wong Hongen’s Works (ISBN7-5368-2024-0/J.1573) published by Shanxi People's Fine Arts Press;
2. Being a free-lance translator and writer.
August, 2009 – July, 2010
Being a teacher at the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University.

4. Self-evaluation:

I possess great adaptability to various circumstances and a strong sense of responsibility. I, now, own excellent oral and writing skills in the two languages: Chinese and English owing to much experience in teaching and translation. As a dedicated and reliable person, not only am I able to work independently with minimum supervision, I’m also a good teamwork player with great communicative skills.
The following four descriptive words that may outline my personality:
conscientious; open-minded; self-disciplined.

5. Strengths and skills:

1. Excellent oral and writing skills in English and Chinese;
2. Strong sense of duty;
3. Being able to work under pressure;
4. A capable user of PC office applications and internet.
5. Quick response.
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Chinese Translation