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Nicolas Seck

Freelance 3D Animator & Drawer

Location:United Kingdom
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Professional Experiences

2011 Dec - 2011 Dec Prime Focus (London) contract:
animations on the ident “Life_OK”

2011 Nov - 2011 Dec The Mill (London) contract:
animations on the cinematic “Mass Effect 3”
animations on the movie “Snow White and the Hunters”
animations on the serie “Merlin 4” episode 8 and 13

2010 Mar - 2011 Sep Double Negative (London) contract:
animations on the movie “John Carter”
animations on the movie “Paul”

2007 Jan - 2010 Feb Framestore (London) contract:
animations on the movie “Clash of Titans”
animations on the movie “Where the Wild Things Are”
animations on the movie “Australia”
animations on the feature film "The Tale of Despereaux"
preproduction and animations on the movie “Narnia: Prince Caspian”

2005 Dec - 2007 Jan Cinesite (London) contract:
blendshapes modeling and animations on the movie “Underdog”
animations on the commercial "Dr Comfy"

2005 Sep - 2005 Oct Berliner Film Companie (Berlin) contract:
animations on the feature film "Happily N'ever After"

2005 Jun - 2005 Aug the Picture Production Company (London) contract:
animations on the pilot of the TV series "Pinky & Perky"

2004 Nov - 2005 Apr Moving Picture Company (London) contract:
animations on the movie "Batman Begins"
animations on the movie "Corpse Bride"

2003 Oct - 2004 Sep Vanguard Animation (London) contract:
animations on the feature movie "Valiant"

2002 Apr - 2003 Sep Xilam productions (Paris) permanent:
animations on the cartoons "Rapido" and "Thorgal"
animations on the "Kaena, the prophecy" french TV spot: Kaena's Interview

1997 Aug - 2002 Mar Chaman productions (Paris) permanent:
CG animations on the video game "Gaïna"
Lead rigging and skinning on the feature movie "Kaena, the prophecy"

1997 Feb - 1997 May Buf companie (Paris) freelance:
CG artist on the TV-spots "Lucky Strike", "Gordon", "Coca-Cola"
CG artist on the SFX for the movie "Batman & Robin"

1996 Jul - 1996 Sep Ubisoft (Paris) training period:
Modelling, texturing, animation & SFX for the video games "Tim7"& "Valdo"

1995 Jul – 1995 Aug Psygnosis France (Paris) training period:
Modelling, texturing & lighting on background of the video game "the Cityof lost children"

Schools & Training

2010 – 2011 mentor at Bring Your Own Animation London: monthly event to give feedback to animators who want to enter in the industry

1999 – 2001 drama acting class (Paris)

1994 – 1996 SupInfoCom (Valenciennes - France) 1st & 2nd year of the CG higher

1994 Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers du Hainaut - Hainaut higher institute of Arts and Trades (Mons - Belgium) evening course - comic book

1993 – 1994 Ecole de Recherche Graphique - Graphic school of Research (Bruxelles - Belgium) 1st year - comic book / Story Board


Maya, 3dsMax, Photoshop, Premiere
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3D Animation