Alett Lewis

Freelance Internet Marketer & PPC Marketer

Location:Mission Viejo, California, United States
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Web Analytics / Marketing Professional with a passion for turning business goals into measurable and actionable objectives.

Results-driven Analyst with 9 years of increasingly responsible experience driving analytics strategy and execution for large corporations and entrepreneurial companies. Candidate differentiators include: a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between business objectives, kpi development and analytic measurement that enables successful analytic-strategy development with a focus on company goal objectives and ROI. A savvy team player with outstanding communications skills and the ability to objectively deliver insights and create a data-driven decision making culture.

• Data Analysis/KPIs/Goals
• Actionable Dashboards
• Cross-Channel Marketing
• E-commerce Analysis
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Usability and Behavioral Targeting.
• Multivariate and A/B Testing
• Landing Page Analysis
• PPC /Display/Contextual Campaign Management
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Internet Marketing
PPC Marketing