Heather Hodge

Freelance Document Designer & Flyer Designer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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I am a 26 year old single female living in Dallas/Fort Worth who has long dreamed of becoming a writer or artist of some kind. I have designed flyers, marketing concepts, forms, etc. at almost every job that I've held, and due to there being no areas for me to grow within those companies, I've yet to be able to nuture and develop my talents. I have recently become unemployed and have now since had time to discover this wonderful website! I am hoping that here I am able to grow and further my ablities, and help others in the process! Earning money for it makes it that much better! I design, write, photograph...work with love, and put my all into the things that I do. I hope to help you soon!
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Document Design
Flyer Design