Freelance Fantasy Artist & Fashion Illustrator

Location:Carlsbad, California, United States
Phone: 760-889-6608
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I do Japanese Manga style art best, growing up in Japan in the 70's. My art is geared toward Shojo manga. I grew up reading this in the original format (Japanese) in Japan, so I know what kind of layout design that these books and types of illustration require. I have a good sense of color and design from these books that I read growing up, so I am confident I can produce a fine product based on my experience with the media.

I have been approached by a retired high fashion illustrator and highly encouraged to go into that field, and was given tips from his very capable hands. So I am pretty confident that I will be able to produce desired finished project according to the product's needs. I am confident that I can work alone or in collaboration with a team/art director and work together successfully.

I have been drawing since the time I was 4 years old. I remember my first drawing being a mermaid, and have recently done a t-shirt with a much more sophisticated mermaid design. Somethings never change. I still love art, and my passion for design and artistic rendering, (I like to experiment with different media-including glass) keep it possible for me to receive new insight, and showcase new art, and keep producing it on a consistent basis. I am constantly drawing.
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Fantasy Art
Fashion Illustration