Alexander Kornich

Freelance Technical Project Manager & Researcher

Location:Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
2 Skills
Alexander Kornich

Objective: Research Engineer / R&D Lab Manager

Professional Profile:

• More than 20 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and testing of electronic/electrical devices, instrumentation and industrial equipment;
• Creativity and strong skills in resolving of technical problems;
• Electronic circuitry design and PCB design skills;
• Strong skills in bread-board prototyping, debugging and fine-tuning;
• Solid experience in troubleshooting of hardware (analog and digital);
• Proficient with electronic laboratory/testing equipment;
• Strong knowledge of measurements and instrumentation;
• Proficient in testing procedures;
• Strong skills in calibration and verification of sensors and devices;
• Skilled in the assembly of samples and experimental work/prototyping;
• Extensive experience in production grade soldering, wiring, cabling, assembly;
• Extensive knowledge in maintenance and repairing of industrial equipment;
• Ability to quickly understand and create technical documentation, schematics and blueprints;
• Excellent manual dexterity.
Computer skills:
MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, MS Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Outlook), Visio, WinCUPL, CNC Cenon

Patent: Thermal control system for a light-emitted diode fixture. US patent 8070324

Highlights of Professional Experience:

R&D Lab Manager MP Lighting 02/2007 – Current

The work of R&D Lab has been organized from the initial level and intensive R&D activity in LED Lighting was conducted under federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program:
? Elaborated and implemented the basic document “Quality Manual” for the certification of laboratory in accordance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories”.
? As defined in Solid State Lighting three main Projects under SR&ED program performed: Optical Management, Thermal Management, Power Management;
In the Optical Management Project:
? tested experimentally and defined in math terms of A/V function of super bright LED and its arrays from main manufacturers (NICHIA, CITIZEN, CREE, SHARP) in the range (1-16) Wt input power;
? prototyped and tested various types of LED lamps and fixtures ( down light, pendant, cove, under cabinet ,desk, stand) for indoor and outdoor, architectural and commercial applications ( around 50 project files); various combination and modification with optical lenses (KHATOD, CREE, NICHIA); tested output light and distribution patterns for LED lamps and fixtures;
? prepared for manufacturing and CSA Certification more than 15 products;
? claimed for patent application “LED ARRAY” (Agents Ref. 1596P03US)
In the Thermal Management Project:
? intensive prototyped and tested (around 300 Test Reports) thermal regimes various types of LED fixtures and lamps (1-100 Wt ) on the base of standard heat sinks, designed original heat sinks with regard to shape, materials and performance;
? developed own simple and effective original methodology for heat sink modeling and optimization on the base thermal transfer function;
? experimented with passive and active (with fan) cooling systems for LED lamps; designed original active cooling system on the base of combination fan, heat sink and NTC thermistor array;
? patent application allowed by USPTO for “THERMAL CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A LIGHT EMITTING DIODE FIXTURE” (Agents Ref. 1596P01US);
? claimed for patent application “A LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE FIXTURE WITH A PASSIVE COOLING SYSTEM” (Agents Ref. 1596P02US)
In the Power Management Project:
? intensive tested (around 70 Test Reports) and defined in math terms of transfer function of standard LED drivers from main manufacturers (PHILIPS, OSRAM, Link Com, Mean Well, MACRON); developed original methodology for the compatibility of standard industrial LED drivers with power lines (as voltage drop on line) and LED fixtures in various configuration (multi channel, serial/parallel) of SSL projects;
? investigated experimentally of power lines (AC, DC) for LED’s power distribution, optimized power systems as two stages AC/DC (as constant voltage source) and DC/DC (as constant current source);
? experimented with wire and rail (non isolated) power lines for LED powering (AC;DC);
? tested the compatibility of standard industrial dimmers with magnetic and electronic transformers, linear and switching power supplies, standard LED driver modules;
? designed LED drivers (on the base of specialized IC); AC/DC, DC/DC converters, dimmers, pulse powering circuitry for LED lamps, tested and investigated of A/V function of LED and its arrays from main manufacturers (NICHIA, CITIZEN, CREE etc)
Prototyped intensive on the base of CNC (“vhf “3D machine) for electrical (PCB layout CAD and cutting), and mechanical (heat sink, LED fixtures CAD and cutting) stuff.
Worked with manufacturing engineers to resolve design related issues on the production floor. Provided support and documentation required for component testing, including writing tests requests and test specifications. Provided electronic and electrical engineering support to all product development efforts. Assisted in all aspects of prototype construction, including coordinating with outside vendors.Trained technical personnel.
Tools and technologies: oscilloscope, multi meter, test equipment, de/soldering station/tools; “OMEGA” multi channel data logger, “vhf” 3D CNC machine, technical documentation – principal electrical schematics, blueprints, application notes, datasheets

Electronics Engineer/Technologist Alpha Neon Ltd. 02/2003-04/2006 (Contract)
Designed electronic circuitry (analogue and digital, CPLD programming, LED cluster drivers, remote control, power supplies, test stands), intensive "bread-board" prototyping, and PCB layout. Assembled, inspected, tested and repaired electrical/electronic devices, the troubleshooting and debugging of electronics circuitry on the component level. Elaborated technical documentation on each stage of product developing.
. Education and Training:

1975-1980 M.S. in EEE, Engineer for Electronic Equipment
Specialization: Design of electronic devices and equipment