David Stoic

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Location:Hialeah, Florida, United States
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In short, you could think of me as a literary mercenary. I consider myself to be an exceptional writer--and I welcome you to reckon me in this regard. This is where you come in. Life can get busy sometimes, the hustle and bustle of living can get in the way; and sometimes our academic responsibilities fall by the wayside. This is where I come in--my services aim to alleviate the unwanted burden of problematic writing assignments. My area of study is primarily centered upon English literature (my major) and Philosophy (my minor). However, one should keep in mind that English literature, as a field of study, is intrinsically interdisciplinary; in short, I can produce writing that can cover a multiplicity of subjects--.i.e. history, politics, philosophy, art, religion, spirituality, science, et cetera. I have am currently a senior at Florida International University--I have a 3.4 GPA. If you are interested in what I have to offer, feel free to send me an email; I’ll be sure to respond to any queries. My schedule is extremely flexible, and pricing is negotiable, I look forward to doing business with you.
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