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Bradley Dick

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Location:Mitchell Park, South Australia, Australia
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Summary: Establish B.J.D. programming in 2010.
I have been employed as an analyst with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) since they acquired the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s data management systems in October 1997. Prior to this date I was employed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia from July 1988 performing various Programming / data analyst roles.

History in Depth

2010 - Formed B.J.D. Programming
A farm in Melbourne was using a MS Excel spreadsheet to track their animals:- Bulls, Cows and Calves. They were doing this manually by cutting and pasting the right animal into the right paddock. I was contracted to automate this process where the manager would just update a field such as the paddock number. The macro would then be run producing an up-to-date report.

November 2004 – Transfer to Adelaide to a similar job as before but this time, the data was coming from SAP as well from an Access database. Before these reports were automated, they would take day. With my Marco, it took hours and even minutes

I have been using MS Excel to create detailed reports for management. This has involved the following:
? Generate spreadsheet data files from raw data taken from a SAP and MS-Access Databases
? Design the management report formatting; and
? Develop and test VBA macro programs to sort and analyse the data.
The reports created have included Missing Timesheet report, 40-50hrs report, Idle Resource report and Financial Performance report.

In addition to the above I have performed the following:
? undertaking programming assignments entailing the design, coding, testing and documentation of operating systems etc
? ensuring all programs are developed according to schedule, and meeting the necessary standards;
? providing advice on how automate data analysis
? analysing problems specified by systems users and developing solutions

2002 – Because of my VBA skills, my leader found a job using my newfound skills. Using downloaded data from SAP (Database), the Excel Marco which I wrote would turn the raw data into something readable for management. Provide data analyst support to the Business Management Office.
• Creation of management reports including end of month financial, budget, resolution of incorrect billing, leave analysis etc. Reports created by downloading data into spreadsheet and developing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros to provide required output.
• Maintaining distribution lists including exploring options for efficiency gains.
• General communications relating to SAP Timesheets status (SAP is an employee resource data management system).
• Responsible for maintaining the EDS Sydney Solutions Centre (SySC) Website.
• In 2001/2002, I provided an international service provider with specifications for work processes for the demand and deposit savings account.

1999 – Moved to Demand Deposits who look after the Saving Account System. Using both COBOL and Easytrieve Plus. Became an Information Analyst. One of my biggest achievement was to help manage our sub team in India, mainly using email to communicate.
Started to learn EXCEL and VBA.

1997 – Moved to the Management Report Team. Using SAS and NCR.

1995 – Moved to the Tools team who were responsible to supply tools easily through work benches. These workbenches were written using REXX, ISPS Panels and JCL.

August 1993 – Moved to the Endever team. Endever, being a file management system. This system use the computer language REXX.

July 1988 – Started as a junior programmer in the payroll systems, using several computer languages including COBOL, Easytrieve Plus, CICS and Assembler. I also learn Control-M which was the Jobs scheduling package and JCL

Computer Languages / Tools
? Endevor (file repository)
? Control-M (Job scheduler)
? Working Knowledge of Assembler
? ISPF (Mainframe menus)
? Easytrieve +
? Workbench (Mainframe tools repository)
? CRE8 (in house web tool)

Other Computer Programs
? MS Excel
? MS Word
? Internet Explorer
? Windows
? Dream weaver
? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
? Joomla
? WordPress

Personal Skills
• Work well with others
• Problem Solving
• Can handle sensitive information
• Motivated
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