Stacy Avary

Freelance Fiction Writer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Clanton, Alabama, United States
2 Skills
I am a published author of 5 books of various fiction from children's inspirational to dark vampire romance, with another one in the works for publication and I am also a poet with about 100 poems written. Every book cover was conceived by me and was drawn to my specifications by talented illustrators. I have one record contract for song writing that is targeted toward country music. My song, "Never Belonged" is sung by Pat Calloway. I am a New Age song writer with songs written in English, French, Latin and Gaelic. One of my New Age songs was sung by a talented, accomplished singer who already has albums under her belt. It was for a contest for the upcoming Enigma album. "Eternal", which can be found on Youtube. I would love to find someone fluent in one or more of these languages I mentioned to sing my songs. I am super creative and looking for every opportunity to expand my publishing credits. You can learn more about me on Search under Stacy Avary.