Albe Scheepers

Freelance Drawer & 3D Animator

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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I consider myself a hard working, reliable person. Who proved to be positive during teamwork. I am also self-reliant and possess the ability to form ideas and tackle them quickly with precision. I possess a real knack for solving problems really efficiently. Right now my two real passions are drawing realistic portraits from photographs and modelling realistic creatures as well as stylised cartoony characters, and texturing them. I also dabbled a bit in 2D animation and digital painting. I feel very confident, that I would make a fine addition to any team that hires me.


COLLEGE : Prestige Academy

Year : 2008

Achievements : Certificate for outstanding performance
and 1st Place in 2007 & 2008. (Summa
*** laude)

3D Packages used : XSI Softimage 6 & 3DS Max 8.

Additional programs used : Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Premier
Pro, After Effects, Cool Edit Pro

Additional 3D packages learned : Maya 8 (Beginner-Intermediate

Qualification : Level 4 BTEC Professional Diploma
in 3D Digital Animation.

Units Passed : 3D Computer Graphics
Foundations of Design
Foundations of Animations
Post Production
Applied Post Production
Applied Computer Graphics
Applied Design A
Digital Character Animation A
Applied Digital Character Animation A
Digital Character animation B
Applied Digital Character Animation B
Applied Design B
Work Experience:

2009: RGB & Alpha
During this time I created design reference blueprints from what was desired in the brief. I used Maya 3d package to - import reference image planes. Create realistic humanoid characters from image references, as well as modelling the props and jagged rocky terrain for a cave like scene. I utilised photoshop to create textures to be applied to the 3d models.

2010: Charlene’s Internet Café
During this time I was basically working as a clerk. Performing tasks as general letter typing, CV typing, sending faxes, creating posters/programs and tickets for events/functions, photo editing and printing, ID photo printing, setting up email accounts, some PC maintenance,
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3D Animation