Freelance Book Designer & Document Designer

Location:Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Phone: 0766224012
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Im a think-on-feet person. I take work very seriously, and do it with proud and to make proud. I have knowledge of very few work situastions and jobs, because I take life serious and knowledge is power, and power is success. My touch for artwork,creative doing,suggestions on projects, do and dont's, what will work and not, is born with my personality, and my outlook on life compliments that. Always seeking newer, nicer,out-of-the-odinary, something that works for You as a person, business or just day-to-day. I have fun doing work for people,sharing MY suggestions, and to know,it is my BEST. To have me as a team mate, employee, advisor or artisit is a investment sure to make. My name is Antionette, how may I help you
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Book Design
Document Design