Brian Buchmann

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Caldwell, New Jersey, United States
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Detail-oriented and highly accomplished 3D Modeler & Digital Artist with over 7 years of successful professional experience. Adept at directing complex 3D modeling, rendering, and texturing projects while ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and final design quality. Currently seeking a position as a 3D Modeler which will effectively utilize all acquired skills, abilities, and areas of expertise as follows:

3D Modeling, Rendering & Texturing
Organic Modeling
Character Animation
Multimedia Design
& Production
Project Management
Web/Digital Design
Client Relations/Retention
Relationship Building
Team Building/Leadership
Time Management


Developed multiple modern websites for Buchmann Electric with Joomla and intense graphic design.

Created fantasy characters for an animated short “Cerebus” including Cerebus, a wizard, and a bar tender for What Comics Entertainment.

Modeled the primary character (Joe Viterelli type) for New York Mobs, an animated short, by collaborating with the director to produce a highly effective, near life quality model for Efram Potelle.

Designed and created models for a high-profile music video organized by Matt Spratlin for Appetite for Destruction in Los Angeles.

Modeled and textured Robot Guy for the children’s TV show, A Child’s Mind, for the John Sapra company and provided instruction in 3D art pipeline to 3D animators which significantly improved efficiency.

Designed and developed a primary 3D model and textured animation from a 2D Anime logo for use in a TV advertisement, supporting Jersey Championship Wresting marketing initiatives.

Effectively provided ongoing technical consultancy services for Magic Media, supporting the development of visually stunning special effects that optimized the TV show ratings in a highly competitive sector.


Utilizing extensive experience in modeling, texturing, and lighting to develop a diverse range of characters, creatures, and background and foreground structures in compliance with clients needs.

Supports the development of shape, structure, and silhouette during the modeling process due to an exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy.

Coaches and leads 3D artists, manages complex projects from initial concept through conclusion, and facilitates all aspects of web design and 3D imaging for a variety of websites.

Collaborating with team members and providing art direction and leadership in the development and implementation of visual concepts and designs into new and existing websites.

Conducting tutorials and training programs in all areas of PC assembly, use of internet applications, and the development of computer skills to improve employee performance.

Establishing strong professional relationships with new and existing clients to expand business and increase revenue and net profitability on an annual basis.


Fairleigh Dickinson University | Pending MA in Education (2012)
Gnomon School of Visual Effects | Surface and Organic Modeling using Nurbs, Polygons Beginners & Advanced, Animation 1/2, Texturing, Match Moving & Integration, Kinematics, Sculpture, Zbrush, Body Paint, Shake, Lighting/Rendering, Mental Ray, Hair, Maya Cloth, Environment for Games, 23 for 3D, Figure Drawing, Skinning & Modeling for Games (2007)
New York University | B.A. in Media Studies (2003)
NYU | SCEPS Certificate, Multimedia Technology (1998)


Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, HeadusUV, Adobe CS4, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Boujou, BodyPaint, inDesign, After Effects, Joomla, Mental Ray, Acrobat Pro, Encore, Premier, Office 2003-2007, MS Word, Excel, and other Internet Applications


Tutored school psychologist in computer operations.

Tutored children in the working of the windows operation system.

Tutored learning specialist in computer programs to help with testing purposes.


Provides voluntary repair services of computers, and offers networking and Internet consultation for the Anshei Lubavitch and Ahavat Achim Synagogues.
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3D Graphic Design
3D Animation