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Elysha Lopez

Freelance Mural Painter & Portrait Artist

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
Phone: 9168893279
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I have been a student for years, working on my Bachelor in Arts at Sacramento City College. I am truly excited as i near my transfer to state or maybe a specialty art school. I have been drawing as long as i can remember and went through the motions of acquainting myself with many mediums. I started with penciling portraits then moved on to charcoal and pastel portraits. I then felt ready for an even more challenging medium and moved into ink and ink washes and finally acrylic on canvass. I have also worked in 3D art, from forging cold metal wire to metal casting and clay. Although, i love creating tangible works of art, I realized that i needed to find an art-form that will be reliable enough to establish financial stability. With this in mind I ventured into graphics design. At first i despised this new medium and in a funny way i felt it was cheating, so i never respected the application. I realized through many years of testing and tampering, with graphics software, that it is a very challenging and rewarding medium. I am now able to combine my love of hands on creations and develop them into a multimedia art-form which allows me to recreate to my heart's content with impeccable accuracy.
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Mural Painting
Portrait Art